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This service was disabled on 1st October 2020 and can no longer be used.


Due to the hjacking of the old RebirthRO server, RevivalRO lost basically all of its user data (Information can be found here and here). Luckily tho, account information's and donor levels of those accounts could be saved (characters and storage's however are still wiped).
It's very Important for us to compensation our old donors, they were loyal to us, invested in our server and helped it to stay alive for over 13 years! And so for this all of our old donors are qualified to a credits per donor level compensation, the points will be returned as Limited Premium Points.

Claiming the Compensation

To claim your compensation, just visit the RevivalRO Website and follow the instruction there.


  • A new version of SRT Box Limited Edition available to be bough by LPP, the refine tickets coming out of it are account bounded.
  • You will be able to use LPP in services like Premium Races, Costumer and Hat Roulette and pretty much all other NPCs
  • All items point totally or partially by limited points will be account bound.

Compensation and Donor Level

The amount of compensation depends on your Donor Levels prior in RebirthRO.

  • Donor Level 1 -> 25C (2.500 LPP)
  • Donor Level 2 -> 50C (5.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 3 -> 100C (10.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 4 -> 150C (15.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 5 -> 200C (20.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 6 -> 300C (30.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 7 -> 500C (50.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 8 -> 750C (75.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 9 -> 1000C (100.000 LPP)
  • Donor Level 10 -> 2000C (200.000 LPP)

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