Nightmare Jitterbug

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Base Level: 255
Party: 1 ~ 6 Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): None
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Various Equipments

  • You can skip the dialogue by selecting "Hurry" after the first time your group has run this instance.
  • Instance cool down can be reset with 4 Reset Stones.

  1. Go at the entrance by warping to Eden's First Floor (@go Eden), then walk through the crack in the wall. You will be warped to the Dali map. Walk to the second plateau, then take the first path (/navi dali 96/144). Talk to Roel and choose Yes to accept the quest. All party members need to receive this quest in order to proceed.

  2. Talk to the Rurane right next to Roel to create and join the instance.

  3. Once inside, the party leader will need to talk to a NPC in each room to advance to the next one. If you've already done the instance, choosing the Hurry option will skip the dialogues and use the answers you picked from your previous run.

  4. Kill all the mobs in the next room to spawn the next set of NPCs and repeat until you reach room 22.

  5. The following rooms require your attention because your answer to the dialogues will spawn extra Jitterbugs:

Spawning Extra Jitterbugs
Room 8 Newoz, Lagi, Shalosh Choose 3rd option: "Newoz's Red Potion (feat. Muka)" Spawns 2 Jitterbugs instead of 1 in room 9.
Room 13 Newoz, Miming, Shalosh, ... Choose 2nd option: "She was talking with someone" Spawns 2 Jitterbugs instead of 1 in room 14.
Room 16 Shalosh, Aigu, Runane Choose 3rd option: "We're happy" Spawns 2 Jitterbugs instead of 1 in room 17.
Room 19 Roel and Gelkah Choose 2nd option: "You just made up those words to look cool!" Spawns 2 Jitterbugs instead of 1 in room 20.
Room 20 Everyone Choose 2nd option: "Search alone" Spawns 2 Jitterbugs instead of 1 in room 22.
  1. Once you reach room 22, talk to Newoz to spawn the MVP; Awakened Ferre. Beware of being mobbed down by Ferre upon entering the room.

  2. After killing the MVP, you will be rewarded with Dali Shards. Talk to Newoz and your party will be warped to the last room (23).

  3. Talk to Newoz, again, to open the exit portal and receive your EXP reward.


Note: all "Ferre" monsters, aside the MVP, are just called "Ferre" ingame.


  • Monster are stronger then in the offical version of this Instance.
  • Players can't use ground skill inside the instance (such as Safety Wall, Deluge or Land Protector).
  • Cards that auto cast ground targeting skills don't work inside the instance (such as Detale Card).


In the last room (Room 23), the NPC Mingmin can trade 50 Teeth of Jitterbug for a random piece of equipment or item. Below is a list of rewards you can get from the trade. You can also ask Mingmin to combine Pendant of Chaos and Pendant of Harmony to receive a Pendant of Maelstrom.