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A Tagalog verion of this guide can be found here.


RevivalRO is a mid-rate server, which utilizes the benefits of both, aspects of high-rate and low-rate gameplay. To support newer players with an easy and smooth start they will be rewarded with a lot of freebie items, right after they created your new character. Those include rental versions of the powerful Set of Madness and Angra Manyu.

The Basic specs of the server (Loki) are the following:

  • Rates: 100x/100x/20x
  • Max Level: 255/120


Upon logging in your account, you will be greeted with the Character Selection screen. There you can create new characters (up to 21 normally, 24 only if you have a VIP Subscription active. If this Subscription is over, those extra 3 slots are locked).


  • When entering the game, you will be spawned at the Trainings Ground, also accessible via @go 15.
  • Shion and the Newbie Items NPC will greet you there, talk to both of them.
  • Shion will introduce herself to you and give you several options, such as where you should go next and how the Basic Interface works.
    • Talking again with her will give you some small EXP!
  • On Shion's right side you can see the Newbie Items NPC, upon talking with her you will get free items.
    • You can select between the Pink or Golden Novice Headgear items.
    • Further you will receive the following items: Battle Manual Box; Novice Package; Box of Madness, Costume: Small White Saiyan Aura (2015), Novice (Selected color) Valkyrie Helm and Novice (Selected color) Oracle Wings.
    • As well as a small amount of EXP.

Item ID Effect
Battle Manual Box 12900 A box that contains 10 Battle Manuals. Battle Manuals increase EXP rate to 150% for 30 min.
Novice Package 1844 This box contains a set of items made to welcome new players into our server. We hope you enjoy your time playing RevivalRO!

Contains the following:

  • Novice Angra Manyu Box (ID 1843, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • Novice Boots Box (ID 1838, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • Novice Armour Box (ID 1839, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • Novice Garment Box (ID 1840, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • Novice Ring Box (ID 1841, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • Novice Clip Box (ID 1842, 7 Day Rental, WHEN OPENED)
  • 100 Novice Fly Wings
  • 50 Apple Juice
  • 10 Butterfly Wings
  • 10 Concentration Potion
  • 1 Poring Egg
Box of Madness 52780 A box decorated with strange hieroglyphics. Contains a 30 Day Rental Set of Madness.
Costume: Small White Saiyan Aura (2015) 62366 30 Day Rental. Middle Headgear Costume.
Novice Pink Valkyrie Helm 50087 All Stats +12. Enables the use of Level 5 Fire Bolt. 2 Slots, Upper Headgear.
Novice Golden Valkyrie Helm 50086 All Stats +15. Increase damage +15% to all races except Demi-Human. 2 Slots, Upper Headgear.
Novice Pink Oracle Wings 50088 All Stats +15. 2 Slots, Middle Headgear.
Novice Yellow Oracle Wings 50089 All Stats +15. 2 Slots, Middle Headgear.

NOTE: It is recommended to NOT open all boxes at once, since that would be a waste of time. For example the Novice Equipment Sets last 7 days, while the Madness Equipment Sets last 30. So you can use them one after another, to gain more from them.

You now have 2 ways to approach your journey.

  • If you are totally new to Ragnarok Online, it is recommended to do the whole Trainings Ground "Quest".
  • If you already have experience, you do can start those trainings quests, or simply start in the world with individual leveling spots.

If you choose to not do the Trainings Ground Quests, you can gain Levels by simply killing Porings (south of Prontera) or Ant Eggs in Anthell 01 (warp any Town, talk to Warpra > Dungeons > Anthell 01).
You can do this without opening any of your gifts and just the equipment the game provided you.

Level your character until he/she reaches JOB LEVEL 10. Then you can either do the corresponding Job Change Quests to gain small benefits from doing the quests (Check the class pages to see the benefits, example Acolyte, Thief, etc.).
If you don't choose to do the quests, simply warp to Prontera, @go 0, and talk to the Job Master.

Which ever way you choose, the following guidance will chime in when you just changed to you your First Job.


Note: This guidance takes in account that you take full usage of your gift items from the Trainings Ground. If you don't have them, or forgot to claim them, you might need to take more care of how you set your Stats and Skills.

  • TIP! Make sure you got Autoloot active (@autoloot 100), so you can sell the loot afterwards for Zeny!

Leveling until Rebirth

Leveling until rebirth (Base Level 99/ Job Level 50) is fairly quick and easy, especially with the free items given.
For this part you don't need to open your Novice Angra Manyu Box yet. However you do can still use it if you want to "speed up" the killing.

Depending on your class, your stats might need to distribute slighly different, but commonly for Melee attacking it is good to put points on AGI, DEX and STR. Optional can be LUK if you want land some Critcal hits. AGI is needed to gain ASPD, DEX to gain as well some small increase in ASPD and HIT so you don't miss the target and STR to do more damage.
Range classes, Archer branch and Gunslinger will need to put their focus more into DEX then STR, IF they decide to not use Angra and rather a Bow/Pistol.
As Acolyte/Priest, you will need INT instead of STR. With high INT you can do a lot damage with Heal on Undead monsters. Further, if you want focus more on Magic, Mage branch and Ninja, you will need INT too.
VIT in general is at the beginning not needed, but if you proceed further into higher level it becomes useful for increasing your HP and DEF.

  • Warp to Payon Dungeon 01 and start killing everything in sight. If you feel like the EXP become low (at around BASE LVL 35), you can also move to the second level of the dungeon.
  • Once you reach JOB LEVEL 40, return to Prontera and talk to the Job Master. Changing to your 2nd class per quest has no special benefits here, so you can just do the quick way by using the NPC.
  • Warp to Moscovia Forest 01 and start again killing the monsters. Beware tho, Les will help each other, make sure you won't get mobbed too much by them.
  • Alternatively you can also warp to Glastheim St Abbey and kill monsters there.
  • When you reach around BASE LEVEL 70, you can change to Ice Cave Dungeon 01 & 02, killing mainly Siroma and Snowier. Around BASE LEVEL 80 you can try Level 03 of the dungeon, killing Gazeti and Ice Titan.
    • If you already are already using your Novice Angra/Normal Angra; you can skip this and go directly to Thanatos Tower 07 until you reach BASE LEVEL 99.
  • Once you reached BASE LEVEL 99/ JOB LEVEL 50 you can Rebirth. For that, just talk to the Job Master. You will be set back to be a High Novice (losing all Skills and Stat points).

Leveling after Rebirth

For the beginning, you do not need to open your Novice Angra Manyu Box. However you do can still use it if you want to "speed up" the killing.
You might need to open it once you reach around BASE LEVEL 70~.

  • Leveling after transcending is basically the same as before. The major difference will be here, that you will take JOB LEVEL 50 on your First Class (Thief, Acolyte, etc), to get the full potential of your Skill points.
  • Use again the Job Master to change to your final stage: the transcendent second class.

General Tips

  • Priests/High Priests have a extremely easy time leveling, since they can Heal Bomb monsters on almost every Level Range (Zombies/Payon Dungeon Monster in early Levels, Wraiths in Glastheim Abbey in immediate Levels and Gramps Mission 1 once reaching the Level requirement for that). They can Heal Bomb their way easily till around Level 170, without even looking at the Novice Angra.
  • Mercenary and Homunculus can be helpful as support.
  • Good and cheap items that help you leveling faster are: Ring of Flame Lord (or other auto cast accessory), Amistr Hat (Loki), Tailorings Alligator Set (for Critical attacks), as well as Cedi Equipments.

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