Hip Ribbon Quest

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Niamh makes cute Hair Bows and Hip Ribbons at the Amatsu Ribbon Shop along with her assistant Neeve. Niamh is an extremely busy person and would normally brush you off if she's very busy but she can make you a Hip Ribbon on Saturdays.


This quest can ONLY be done on Saturdays. Niamh will blow you off any other day (unless it is another quest day.)

  • Go to Amatsu and walk to the left most portion of the map below the palace.
  • Walk to the Amatsu Ribbon Shop, which is a building that is located in the center of a fenced off area (Located at 52, 145).
  • Talk to Niamh. She is located to the upper right in the back. She will only speak to you on quest days, otherwise she will say she is busy. However, there are four different quests that she does. For the Hip Ribbon quest, talk to her only on Saturdays.
  • Bring her the items she requests, and obtain your Hip Ribbon (White)

Required Items

Loki: Thor:


Hip Ribbon.png

You will obtain a Hip Ribbon (White). The remaining colors can be obtained by doing the Recolour Hip Ribbon Quest.




Need some help with soft silks? Neeve can help you!

Neeve is Niamh's assistant in Amatsu Ribbon Shop (Amatsu 52, 145). She is located in the same building as Niamh, but to the lower right in the building. She will offer to help you with your Soft Silk farming by converting other materials into Soft Silks. You will need to bring her the following items:

She will give you between 5 to 8 7166.gif Soft Silks everytime you bring her those items. She will be busy during the Saturdays and Sundays.

Hair Bow is a part of the Hair Bow & Hip Ribbon Combo.

Note about Holy Threads
You cannot keep making Holy Threads if you have already advanced to creating Holier Threads in the quest. However, you can restart the quest on a different character up to where the NPC asks you to make Holy Threads to make more.