Halloween Event 2019

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Abyss Event!

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As Samhain time is getting closer, the doorways between our world and the netherworld will soon be opened, and the dead will roam our world. The citizens of Rune-Midgard rejoice, as they will be able to be reunited with their loved ones, even if for a little time.
But the spirits who had an honorable death aren't the only ones interested in coming back to our world! Other spirits, the ones who died with no honor, the ones who died in shame, the ones who never had any notable doings and were forgotten.
Those vengeful spirits have been trapped in the realm of Niflhiem and cannot rest in peace. They are now seeking for revenge, and they won’t rest until they reach their goal by invading and destroying the living world.

The Event will last from 28th October 2019 till 30th November 2019.


Abyss Rift!

  • The command @jump isn't usable in the event maps, this to give a fair play for everyone, donors and non-donors, fly wings and teleport skills and similar items still allowed.
  • Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazdah are allowed on Abyss Rift waves, as long as the field allow them. However in the Abyss Depth they are not usable.

UPDATES 15th November 2019:

  • Upon entering a map with a Rift you will be notified on when the Abyss Rift will re-spawn. If you don't see any message it means that the Rift is active OR the treasure chest hasn't disappeared yet.
  • When completing an Abyss Rift or Depth there will now be a 30 minutes cooldown until you can start the next one. The delay affects the whole account and it depends on the difficulty (if you complete Easy, you will have 30 minutes cooldown on easy but not on the other modes, until you complete them too).

There are strange pits appearing in Rune-Midgard's fields. It's seems to be connected to the Netherworld. If you step on it... spirits come out!

  • Find a Nether Pit!
  • Solo or with a party, fight off the waves of spirits that will come out to attack you!
  • When a wave is done, follow the yellow path to find out where more spirits are hiding and kill them.
  • Kill the final boss
  • Get loots!


There are 4 to 6 number of waves, plus the boss. For all difficulties, you have 45 seconds to fight the waves and 10 seconds to walk to the next point.

When the waves are done, a treasure chest appears. This chest is accessible only by whoever started the sequence first and it could be solo or party based.

NOTE: The yellow path shows only to the person who triggered the pits and no one else. If you're in a party, make sure to follow the person who triggered it.

There are three difficulties:

  • Easy - Solo-able and newbie-friendly - Found in Prontera fields (prt_fild01, prt_fild02, prt_fild05, prt_fild06, prt_fild07, prt_fild08)
  • Medium - Recommended: party of 3 - Found in Morocc fields (moc_fild07, moc_fild11, moc_fild12, moc_fild17, moc_fild18, moc_fild19)
  • Hard - Recommended: party of 5 - Found in Geffen fields (gef_fild00, gef_fild01, gef_fild04, gef_fild05, gef_fild07, gef_fild09)


Nevertheless Pits respawn every 15 minutes.
When entering a map, you will now be notified if there's an active Pit. If the Pit is inactive, you will be notified with a respawn timer.
After the Treasure Chest is gone, there's a chance that a dialog will be shown to the person who triggered the pit. If you go further you'll access Abyss Depth.


Abyss Depth

You found a weaker spot in the world, so you're able to enter the Netherworld. Vengeful spirits will try to kill you so your soul will be forever trapped in hell.


  • Fight your way out!
  • Kill the final boss to get access to a final treasure chest.

The difficulty of Abyss Depth depends on the difficulty of Abyss Rift.



All headgears, equips and costumes are obtainable by completing Abyss Rift and/or Abyss Depth. Rates increase based on difficulty. Rates are higher in Abyss Depth.
Headgears are Account bound, Equipment Set and Costumes are Trade-able.
All headgears are costumable.

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