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Guild Package is a custom feature of RevivalRO to ease the start of newer guilds into the War of Emperium. Their main goal is to encourage smaller or newer guild to participate in WoE.


To apply for a Guild Package, you need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • The Members that apply need to be maximum Level (255/120).
  • You need to have at least 10 members that apply for it.
  • The usage of Alts is strictly NOT allowed.

Disclaimer for "usage of alt":
What is meant be that?

  • Accounts that share the same IP are NOT allowed.
    • Example: You and your brother have 2 different accounts, but you still live together: therefor you share the same IP. Only ONE of you can request a Guild Package.
  • Even tho officially not likely seen, you share your Account with someone: You need to inform that you share your ID with someone, making sure that you are not the Alt of someone and vice versa.
    • Example: You share your Account with your friend X, you and your friend both request for the Guild Package. You need to inform the GM's that you share the Account from time to time with that person.

How to request

  • The Guild Leader should open a request in Web Helpdesk ( asking for the Guild Packages. In the request, the Guild Leader should include at least 2 different dates which ALL the unique members can be online together. A GM would pick the time that fits them best to grant the Guild Packages.

  • The Guild Leader also have to inform the GM in the helpdesk request about each member choice of package items.
    • For Example: "Member xx - Melee Package; Member yy - Ranged Package; etc.", a list style is the easiest.

  • Once everything is settled, and the date for the Guild package arrived, all members who applied get online. The Guild Leader will be called into the Helpdesk and then is allowed to Emergency Call his guild there. When everything is done, the Guild package will be sent via Zotar.

The GM team is also allowed to simply refuse any guild package requests, for a reason or not, mainly for possible abuse or cheating.

Possible Packages

The Guild Packages are group in different kinds, such as magic and melee. Every member that applies can choose ONE.

All Members

The Melee Package

The Ranged Package

The Magic Package

The Support Package

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