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Base Level: 230
Party: Solo Instance
Quest Prerequisite(s): None
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Primarily: Black As Night Pieces; Various Equipment's, Various Armory


Ghost Palace is one of the Instances that was introduced with the Heroes' Trails patch. It follows the tragic story of Sakray, from the original Ragnarok graphic novel, as he descends from being a faithful royal guard to becoming a cursed swordsman.

  1. Go at the entrance by warping to Eden's First Floor (@go Eden), then walk through the crack in the wall. You will be warped to the Dali map. Walk to the second plateau, then take the path that leads to the furthest point on the left (/navi dali 46/131). Talk to the Unpleasant R.Guard and choose Yes to accept the quest.

  2. You arrive at the throne room of a palace. Talk to the King to witness Sakray's appointment as the bodyguard of Princess Tiara for her marriage with a Prince.

  3. When the dialogue finishes, several Bloody Murderers and Ragged Zombies will appear. Exterminate them and collect the Black As Night Pieces. (Use @autoloot for convenience.) A portal will appear, leading towards the 2nd floor.

  4. You see Sakray meeting with Princess Tiara in her room to the east. Talk to Princess Tiara to listen to their conversation.

  5. When the scene ends, several Wind Ghosts, Flame Skulls, and Dark Frames spawn. The portal to the 3rd floor opens when all of the mobs are killed.

  6. You enter a prison area where Sakray is restrained and interrogated. Talk to the King to watch the scene play out. When the dialogue ends, you will see Sakray talking to an invisible Cursed Spirit of Thanatos.

  7. As the conversation ends, several Ghouls, Skeleton Prisoners, and Zombie Prisoners appear. After killing a few of them, the 4th floor portal will spawn, followed by a larger swarm of mobs. It is advisable to kill EVERY mob in this floor BEFORE entering the portal, to get more Black As Night Pieces.

  8. You return to the Throne room with several Khalitzburgs and Bloody Murderers. Kill all of them to advance.

  9. Several dead bodies will appear all over the floor, including the dead King. Sakray is seen confronting the Prince. Talk to the Prince to witness his reveal.

  10. When the scene ends, the Prince transforms into a Torturous Redeemer. Defeat him and the portal to the last floor will appear. You also will be rewarded with Dali Shards.

  11. You return to the jail scene where Sakray goes to see the dying Princess. Talk to Princess Tiara to see what happens.

  12. A wave of Skoguls, Dullahans, and Skeleton Prisoners will appear. Kill all of them.

  13. The Torturous Redeemer reappears, but is quickly vanquished by the now-corrupted Sakray. Speak with him to listen to what he has to say.

  14. The exit portal spawns to the south east. The King is standing next to it. Talk to him to exchange your Gray Shards for Thanatos Weapons or Gray Equipment.

  15. When you leave through the portal, a short message appears, and you will be rewarded with Black As Night Pieces and some EXP.


  • Several different kind of Undead and Demon like monsters such as Flame Skull, Khalitzburgs and Bloody Murderer. They all have custom names in there to fit the theme of the instance.
    • For details what kinds of monster refer to this link, however keep in mind that the stats might be buffed in our server.
  • Torturous Redeemer


The loot the monsters inside the instance drop is the general Reward: Black As Night Pieces.
This can be either at the end of the instance or outside of it exchanged for Thanatos Weapons or the Grey Armory.

Item Price in Pieces Item Price in Pieces
Gray Cloak 300 Gray Helmet 300
Gray Robe 300 Gray Armor 300
Gray Shield 300 Boots of Gray 300
Item Price in Pieces Item Price in Pieces
Thanatos Axe 500 Thanatos Sword 500
Thanatos Book 500 Thanatos Two-Handed Staff 500
Thanatos Bow 500 Thanatos Violin 500
Thanatos Dagger 500 Thanatos Whip 500
Thanatos Great Sword 500 Thanatos Revolver 500
Thanatos Hammer 500 Thanatos Spear 500
Thanatos Jitte 500 Thanatos Staff 500
Thanatos Katar 500 Thanatos Knuckles 500
Thanatos Long Spear 500

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