First Job Class Quest Benefit

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When doing the official first class job change quest, you will be rewarded with added equipment and cards specific for your class. (If you use the job change NPC, you will not receive these free items!) These are the maps and the NPC's to talk to, to start your quest.

Acolyte Quest.jpg Acolyte Quest - Prontera Church - Father Mareusis

Archer Quest.jpg Archer Quest - Payon Archer Guild - Archer Guildsman

Mage Quest.jpg Mage Quest - Geffen Mages Guild - Expert Mage

Merchant Quest.jpg Merchant Quest - Alberta Merchant Guild - Chief Mahnsoo

Swordsman Quest.jpg Swordsman Quest - Izlude Swordsman Guild - Master Swordsman

Thief Quest 1.jpg Thief Quest - Thieves Guild - Thief Guide