Faceworm Expedition

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Base Level: ???
Party: 1 ~ 6 Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): None
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Gigant Snake Skin/Gigant Snake Skin (1)

  • Instance cool down can be reset with 5 Reset Stones.
  • The loot in the Treasure Chest will depend on the time your party cleared the stages.

  1. Go at the entrance by warping to Eden's First Floor (@go Eden), then walk through the crack in the wall. You will be warped to the Dali map. Walk to the first path that leads south (/navi dali 83/60). Talk to the Faceworm Expedition and choose Yes to accept the quest.

  2. The nest is divided into five main parts. When the section's boss is killed, a treasure chest will appear that drops the Gigant Snake Skin. More info below. Once you are inside the instance, go south and talk to Chaos and Iris. Faceworms will appear (alongside with other monsters that can be ignored).

  3. Kill all Faceworms. A Dark Faceworm will spawn at the south-east part of the map. The Faceworm Eggs around it regularly cast Heal on it thus it's advised to eliminate them.

  4. After eliminating the Dark Faceworm, a Treasure Chest will appear containing a Gigant Snake Skin which only the Party Leader can loot and the party can proceed.

  5. Talk to Iris and Chaos again. Faceworms spawn again. Mounds appear around the map spawning Faceworm Larvas on touch. They can be skipped. The same boss fight occurs as in the previous section. A new portal opens up in the south.

  6. Egg traps appear everywhere, they will explode after some time and can deal fatal damage. Proceed to the north and kill all Faceworm. This Dark Faceworm has no healing eggs but damaging poison traps. Kill the boss again.

  7. The 4th boss fight will now combine healing eggs and poison clouds. Defeat the boss once again.

  8. Talk to Iris and Chaos again. After that, the Faceworm Queen will spawn. Her notable spells are Earthquake, Storm Gust and Water Ball and she changes her element to either Fire, Water, Wind or Earth. When she does it, an announcement is made. All three adds (healing eggs, poison traps and poison clouds) aid her in battle. She will only change to Fire when she is outside of her nest.

  9. Defeating the Faceworm Queen the fifth treasure box appears that contains two Gigant Snake Skins, also the players will be rewarded with Dali Shards.


Note: Monsters linked outside of Wiki might have different stats.


Gigant Snake Skin

Gigant Snake Skin and Gigant Snake Skin (1) can be acquired from the instance.
You can NOT alter the existing enchants NOR can you add a slot to an unslotted Snake Skin. The skins are tradeable/sellable.

There's three variables that are pseudo-random when the skin drops.

  • Slot, it can either be slotted or unslotted.
  • Refine, the skin's refines when dropped range from unrefined to possibly even (+11) (+10 ??).
  • Enchants, the skin will have up to 3 enchants, but their strength and stat may change as described below.

The skin can have up to 3 enchants of STR/AGI/VIT/INT/DEX/LUK +1 up to +5. The stronger skins will instead have a Special Stat enchant on the 2nd slot and 2 regular stat enchants on the 3rd and 4th slots.
Skins dropped by the Faceworm Queen can have the stat enchants go up to Stat +7.

Special Enchants:
"Special" Stat enchants have the following effect:

  • +1 to (any stat)
  • +3 to (any stat) if refined to +8 (for total of +4)

Bonus if refined to +9: