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About Eden Mall

The Eden Mall is RevivalRO's hub for NPC shops and other useful NPCs. It can be reached by using @go 16 or @go Mall. The Eden Group Headquarters can be reach by using the portal to the south. It is the replacement for the Mall that was prior to be found in Juno.

In general the Mall can be split in different sections, the bottom, the middle and the top part. Each has their own NPCs which are loosely sorted by similar attributes (mostly all common shops are together, Point redemption are grouped together, etc). The full list of available NPCs can be found in the bottom part of this page.

Occasionally Seasonal Event NPCs get added to the Mall, usually to Exchange equipment (for example when Prontera Invasion was active).

NPC Positions in the Mall

Bottom Part:


Middle Part:


Top Part:



The following list contains NPCs that are custom to RevivalRO. The NPCs listed here are not involved in any quests. For specific locations of these NPC's, please refer to their article page. For a list of NPCs that are common to Eden Mall, please search around Ratemyserver, or IroWiki


The following NPCs are located in the middle of the map:

The following NPCs are located near the bottom of the map:

The following NPCs are located above the middle of the map:

The following NPCs are located along the very top of the map:

The Battlegrounds NPCs are located in the top left corner: