Easter Event 2020

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Easter Event 2020


Bunny hasn't lost its habit of hiding eggs all over Midgard, just like previous years! It has miscounted the days AGAIN and started hiding eggs since last week. Some of them might be rotting by now. Uh-oh!

The Event lasts from 11st April 2020 until 29th April 2020 23:59 (Servertime).
The Event lasts from 21st April 2021 until 4th May 2021.


To start the event, you should find Easter Bunny at Geffen 184 126. It will give you an Easter Basket to hold the eggs you are going to find! If you are not wearing the basket, you will NOT be able to pick up the eggs. So make sure you have it on before you look for them! Bunny has painted the Easter Eggs and they're not to be confused with Peco Peco Egg or Ant Egg or Dragon Egg or even Scaraba Egg. Here is how Bunny's Easter Egg looks.


Eggs can be found in:

  • Any Dungeon of the main map
  • Any Field Map (this includes also Arunafelz and Yuno Maps)

If you are able to find and crack open a good egg, you will be rewarded with an Easter Goodie Bag that Bunny has filled with an assortment of prizes! Among the items that you can find in the Easter Goodie Bag this year are some leftover items from Easter Event 2019 and new items Bunny has found.

While most eggs are good will give you an Easter Goodie Bag, a few of them might have gone bad by now. If you happen to find a rotten egg, you will get an eggshell instead. But worry not! Bunny likes to keep them and is willing to exchange some eggshells for one Easter Goodie Bag.

Event Updates 21st April 2020

  • More Eggs have been respawned in fields and dungeons.
  • Easter Dragon have appeared in Geffen.
  • Wiggleton (Easter Boss) stats adjustment.
  • When the Easter Boss dies, Easter Dragon gets very happy and spawns tons of eggs (and dragon eggs) around the Midgard.
  • Ransom bunny has adjusted its ransom value.

Event Updates 2021

Hopper Wiggleton

But wait! Easter Bunny is not the only one that came back! It seems like his frienemy, Hopper Wiggleton is around too!


  • Easter Boss spawns every 2h from it's last spawn in any random Town.
  • To see the Boss stats you can type @mi Hopper in game.

Wiggleton will once again wander into towns to find the eggs that Bunny has been hiding and keep them all to himself. Even though greedy, Wiggleton is generally passive until provoked. It should be taught a lesson to stop hoarding all the eggs and that he should share them with everyone. Once defeated, it will scatter the Easter Eggs around the town again for everyone to find.

Ransom Bunny & Easter Dragon


Hiding in a plain sight, not too far from Easter Bunny, is the new bunny in the town that goes by the name Ransom Bunny. We're not too sure whether to trust this bunny or not. But hey, won't you give the new Ransom Bunny a chance?

Similar to Hall of Abyss, players can pay the Ransom Bunny. You decide how much you want to give him.

  • The exact amount that needs to donated is UNKOWN, any donation will be on your own desire. He then will put multiple bags into the egg that are found.

Easter Dragon on the other hand allows the player to spawn Easter Eggs and Dragon Eggs around Midgard, for a Zeny fee, of course.

  • 50m Zeny: 15 Easter Eggs
  • 100m Zeny: 35 Easter Eggs and 3 Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs are a new addition and only player worthy enough can open them!
(To "Be Worthy" you need to collect 5 Easter Eggs first; need be good ones, not the stinky ones)



New gears introduced with the Events are:

Additional Rewards 2021:

And further introducing a new consumable: Chocolate Egg

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