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Base Level: ???
Party: 1 ~ ??? Members
Quest Prerequisite(s): 15 Dali Shards and 20m Zeny (Party Leader only)
Experience: Base EXP: Job EXP:
None None
Quest Reward(s): Fight 3 random MVP; Dali Shards

  • You can either form a party with only yourself or a party with a huge amount of party members to help you with what this place has to offer.
  • You have 1 hour to complete this instance.

The DiLab instance is part of the 15.2 Memory Record update, where you get to travel back to the past and observe a failed experiment which might have caused the fall of the ancient civilization.
In this instance, you'll have a chance to fight 3 randomly spawned MvPs from all around the world of Rune-Midgards.

  1. Go at the entrance by warping to Eden's First Floor (@go Eden), then walk through the crack in the wall. You will be warped to the Dali map. Walk to the second plateau, then take the path that leads to the south left (/navi dali 46/95). Talk to the ALTOS and choose Yes to accept the quest.

  2. Talk to probationary researcher at the entrance. He authorizes your access and deactivates the first line of security for you.

  3. Only the party leader can talk to the researchers.

    • But every party member can talk with the Displays to enter the Passwords.

  4. The first rooms password consists of the monster in that room.

  5. The second rooms password is the color of an effect in the room (make sure you have /effects on!).

  6. The third rooms password is on one of the signs in the room.

  7. The fourth rooms password is the name of the WRONGLY spelled monsters one, so make sure you check them all.

  8. In the last room the password is a digit code, that drops (not physically, it will be a message in the chatbox) when killing the Ridewords in the room.

  9. Inside the laboratory, you'll meet 4 Professors. Get close, and listen to their conversation about the first experiment. Once the experiment starts, the team will begin running into problems. The machine overheats and malfunctions.

  10. An unidentified creature, a random MvP, will be transmitted from another dimension. Kill the creature.

    • Note: the MVPs will spawn A LOT of Slaves inside the room/monster related to him. For Example: alongside Dracula will spawn a lot Familiar in the room.

  11. The device becomes uncontrollable and restarts the program. Another unidentified creature gets transmitted which you'll need to fight.

    • Note: the MVPs will spawn one after another, you don't need to interact with any NPC.

  12. Fresa shuts down the computer, but it starts acting on its own! The final phase of transformation begins and a new MvP appears.

  13. Once the MvP is defeated the party leader will be rewarded with Dali Shards, and all of the researchers will get transmitted to another dimension and a portal will open on the far right to leave the area.


Uncommon and rare MvPs can appear in this instance, all depending on what the whole party has access to in game. That includes but not exclusive to CUSTOM MVPs.
For example: If the party has access to Skoll and IBPC, there is the chance that Skoll and IBPC MVPs can appear in there.


The reward of the instance is the ability to basically fight any MVP you want (by chance), regardless of their cool down.
Rewards would be then all their Loots.