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A Mysterious Portal has opened up behind a wall in Eden! It seems to be emitting very powerful energy that is even warping space and time itself. Members of the Eden Group are gathering around to investigate this strange event, some have even jumped into it. None know what caused it or what lies further beyond, but some say it serves as a link to other worlds.
Cross the dimensions to meet Sara, explore Ghost Palace, challenge Jitterbug, battle the Faceworm Queen and investigate DiLab's technology.

Dali - The Dimensional Gap

  • Dali is now open. You can access it at the lobby floor of Eden Group (@go eden/@go 39), between the portal going to the Eden Mall and the desk at Eden.
  • Dali Shards, a Dali currency, can be obtained after the completion of the instances of Dali, aside from DiLab MVP Summon instance.
  • The use of Dali Shards will have updates in the future.
  • Dali is brought to you by Owl, Tiefling and Laevateinn.


  • In all instances are Premium Items allowed, aside Angra Manyu and Ahura Mazdah.
  • Elemental and Racial Resistances are capped at 60% in the instances.
  • A Concierge NPC can be found at 93/100 (the path between the stages); which provides Heal, Buying Items and a Repair service.


Currently there are five instances available in the Dali Update.
The cool down for each instance counts account wide.

Sara's Memory is one of the Instances which was introduced in the Heroes' Trails patch. It tell the origins of the character Sara Irene, one of the 12 Valkyries from the original Ragnarok graphic novel.

Ghost Palace is one of the Instances that was introduced with the Heroes' Trails patch. It follows the tragic story of Sakray, from the original Ragnarok graphic novel, as he descends from being a faithful royal guard to becoming a cursed swordsman.

  • This is a 5 stage dungeon. You need to clean up each stage as you follow the story.

The Nightmarish Jitterbug Instance is one of the Instances that was introduced in Episode 14.3. It is a musical themed Instance where you go through a series of rooms to fight several mobs, including the Piano-like Jitterbugs.
Clear each room as you follow NewOz's group around the dungeon to find Shalosh!

The Faceworm Nest instance is located at the right of the two large areas in the bottom left pathway in the Dimensional Space.

The DiLab instance is part of the 15.2 Memory Record update, where you get to travel back to the past and observe a failed experiment which might have caused the fall of the ancient civilization.
In this instance, you'll have a chance to fight 3 randomly spawned MvPs from all around the world of Rune-Midgards.

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