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RevivalRO has a lot customized commands to make the life of the players in the Server easier.
The commands listed here are available to all players on the server, regardless of level. There are also special commands available to donors. Those commands are only available to people of the required Donor Levels. Please see that page for a list of commands available.

  • For a list of default RO commands, Check out this page.
  • Custom commands usually start with "@", while general RO commands start with a "/".

Donor Commands

Command Information Usage
Allows the User to set up a Vendor shop which stays online even after closing of the client. Needs to have a Vendor Shop to be open. Once the player reconnects, the Vendor shop goes offline. @at
@cstorage Allows the player to access the Characters own storage. This storage is separate between all characters of the same Account. @cstorage
Allows the player to identify all unidentified items in his inventory. @identify
@jump Similar as @go but includes ability to specify spot on map. Typing it without coordinates will make you jump to a random spot. @jump
@jump 100 200
@hatch Allows you to hatch Pet Eggs without a Incubator. Once typed, it will give you a list of the pets you have to hatch. @hatch
Allows your Homunculus or Pet to talk by typing a message for them. @homtalk I am Hungry!
@pettalk Ya all Sak.
Renames the Pet and/or Homunculus you have active as many times as you want. Once typed, it will give you the feed back that you now can rename your pet. @petrename
@showmobs Allows the player to see the density of a certain type of monsters on the map. The monsters will be marked with dots on the map. Doesn't work on MVP or Boss Monsters. @showmobs Poring

VIP Commands

Command Information Usage
@param Shows all kinds of details of the character used on. Information's can be SP Usage , Regenration rates, After Cast Delays and much more. @param

General Commands

Server Related
Command Information Usage
@commands Displays all the available commands to the user. @commands
Displays the current date and time on the server, known as server time. RevivalRO's server time is UTC +8. @date
@main Turn on/off the global chat system. Allows you to talk to the whole server who has @main on. @main on / @main off
@main so i herd u liek mudkipz!!
@part Lets you leave the chat channel, you will not see any messages from there anymore. You can disable this by talking in that channel again. @part #trade
@part #main
@rates Displays the current Base and Job rates on the server. @rates
@sealed Shows the progress of the Breaking The Seal Quest. @sealed
@uptime Displays how long the server has been online. (Counts from last time it went down, Exp.: Maintenance). @uptime

Player Related
Command Information Usage
@adopt Lets you adopt a baby class character by typing his name (and fulfilling the Adoption requirements). @adopt CutiePie
A shorter command for @away, it's an automated response every time someone PM's you. @aw I'm on a boat!
@away I'm currently enjoying the awesomeness of my root beer float, be back soon.
@die Automatically kills your player on the spot. @die
@exp Shows the current Level and EXP (in %) the character has. @exp
@go Automatically warps you to the town specified, without having to use Warpra. Command accepts numbers or names of town. To see list, just type @go. Can use first 3 characters of town name as shortcut. @go prontera
@go pro
@go 0
@hominfo Displays information about your Homunculus (Health, Level, Loyalty etc). Only usable by Alchemist classes. @hominfo
@homstats Displays stats (str, vit, dex etc) of your homunculus. Like @hominfo, this command is only available to Alchemist classes. @homstats
@jailtime Displays how long until you are released from jail. @jailtime
@me Displays a message in public chat in a different way than the usual. Commonly used to show a character is doing an action. @me dances around.
@memo Automatically saves spot you are standing for later use with character warp skill. Same as /memo. @memo
@noask Automatically Denies all trade requests. @noask
@playerstate Allows the player to check on different Resists and Damage modification he got.
Typically follows the pattern of either "General": Melee, Magic etc Resistances; "Racial": Resistance/Damage based on Races and "Elemental": Resistance/Damage based on Elements.
@playerstate General
@playerstate Racial Player
@playerstate Elemental Wind
@petinfo Displays information about your pet (Name, Level, Intimacy, Hunger). @petinfo
@refresh Refreshes the screen. This mostly comes handy when you get position lagged (from for example too many monster hitting you), the command refreshes then the screen to correct your current position. @refresh
Returns your character to your saved spawn point. Similar to dying and re-spawning, without the dying part. @return
@reward Shows status of your Daily reward. @reward
@refineryui Allows the player to refine items in their inventory anywhere. See Updated Refinment System for details. @refineryui
@showdelay Shows Skill failure due to Skill delay. @showdelay
@showzeny Shows the amount of zeny the player spend/earned in the chatbox. @showzeny
@timers Shows list of instances, whether or not you can enter, and if not, how long of a cool down is left. Will also display RDC, Kraken's Lair, HoA, Bio Lab 4 status and when they reset. @timers
@viewhg Toggels the view of other players head gears. Basically making them "naked", without any headgear on. Can be selected to either disable all, or only Upper, Middle, Lower. @viewhg on
@viewhg U
@viewhg off
PvP/WoE/Guild Related
Command Information Usage
@accept Automatically accepts a duel invitation (You must be invited to a duel first. See @duel). @accept
@allychat Enables or disables the chat between alliances of your guild. (To use ally chat, type "~chat message" without the quotes) @allychat
@breakguild Can only be used if you are the Leader of a Guild. Disbands a guild after all members in it left. @breakguild
@changegm Changes Guild Leadership to the character specified (Only a Guild Leader can use this. New Guild Leader must be online and in the same guild). @changegm Syphon
@duel Either sends an invitation for the character specified or starts a duel that lets the amount of players specified enter. (Invited characters must not be in a duel) @duel 10
@duel Nuit Blanche
@guildmes Send a broadcast like message to everyone in your guild. You must have the ability to send messages, as shown in the @gw command below. Note: @gw can also be used by the person with the permission to broadcast messages. @guildmes
@guildmes Hey, warp to the castle now!
@gw Push guys! Go!
@gw Allow guild leaders to set permissions for guild members based on position for use of @guildmes. Position means the "Title" a player is associated with in the guild. Everyone with that Position/Title will get the rights then. @gw 3 1 (Sets position 3, to allow them to broadcast messages)
@gw 3 0 (Removes the ability for position 3 to broadcast messages)
@gstorage Opens your guild's storage. Similar to using the npc in guild castles. Only ONE character at a time can have it open in a guild. @gstorage
@invite Invites a selected character to a duel (The character using this must be in the duel already, and the character to be invited must not be in any duel.) @invite Ramsey
@joinbg Joins the current Battleground queue/match. @joinbg
@leave Makes your character leave the current duel. @leave
@leavebg Leaves the current Battleground queue. @leavebg
@reject Rejects an existing duel invitation. @reject
@reportafk Reports and AFK player in a Battleground match. Only works in Battlegrounds. @reportafk
@veto Vetos against a certain Battleground match taking place. Requires several players to also join the veto. @veto

Looting/Item Related
Command Information Usage
@alootid Automatically picks up a certain item that you specify. This command accepts either the item number or the item name. @alootid fabric
@alootid 1059
@autoloot Automatically picks up items dropped from monsters with the indicated percentage (%) or less. @autoloot 1
@autoloot 100
@aloottype Allows the player to automatically only loot a specific type of item. Different types can be active at one time (Exp.: card and armor). Can be reset with "@aloottype reset". @aloottype
@aloottype +armor
@aloottype +usable
@cartlist Displays all the items in your cart. @cartlist
Opens a link to the item, showing it's in game description. @id 616
@itemdesc 909
@idsearch Allows you to search item ID's with part of the items name. @idsearch pine
Displays the information on a given item (Name, Item ID#, Type, Extra Effect, NPC Buy Price, NPC Sell Price, Weight). @ii fabric
@iteminfo fabric
@itemlist Lists the current items in your inventory. @itemlist
Displays which vendor characters are currently vending the specified item, displays the price and the location of the vendor. @shopsearch Jellopy
@shopsearch ellopy
@ss 909
@whosells Jellopy
@storage Opens your storage. The same as using the NPC, but without being a certain level or paying zeny. @storage
@storagelist Similar to @itemlist, but displays all the items in your storage instead. @storagelist
@storeall Opens storage and automatically stores all items you have equipped and in your inventory (Not the items in your cart). It then closes storage. @storeall
@storeall 2 Similar to @storeall, but only moves the items that you don't have equipped to your storage. @storeall 2
@storeall 3 Places currently equipped items into storage. @storeall 3
@whodrops Displays only the top 5 monsters that drop specified item. (Sorted from Highest to Lowest % of drop). @whodrops tiger panty
@whodrops 7267

PvE/Monster Related
Command Information Usage
Displays the information on a given monster (IRO Name, KRO Name, Monster ID#, Level, Hp, Sp, Base Exp, Job Exp, Stats, Attack, Range, Size, Race, Elements, Drops). @mobinfo Poring
@mobinfo oring (not a typo, partial word)
@mi 1002
@noks Stops other players from attacking monsters you have hit for a small amount of time. To prevent Kill Stealing (Does not work on mini bosses or MVP). /noks. @noks
@showexp Displays how much experience and % you gain from killing a monster. @showexp
@whereis Shows maps where a particular monster spawns. @whereis Mavka
@whereis avka (not a typo, partial word)
@whereis 1884

Social Media
Command Information Usage
@discord Opens a Invitation link to the Discord server. @discrod
Opens a link to the Facebook page of RevivalRO. @fb
Opens a link to the Instagram page of RevivalRO. @insta
@myaccount Opens a link to the Log in Page of RevivalRO. @myaccount
@review Opens a link to rms to write a server review. @review
@twitter Opens a link to the Twitter page of RevivalRO. @twitter
@wiki Opens up your internet browser to the RevivalRO Wiki site. When used with a name or phrase, it will open up that page specifically. @wiki
@wiki Staff

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