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This is a collection side for the past events of RevivalRO, former RebirthRO at that time. Events included in this list range from 2009 until 2017.

Christmas 2009

This event lasted from 12/22/2009 until 12/29/2009. Every hour on the dot (12:00, 4:00, 7:00 etc), a handful of Santa Poring monsters were spawned on random maps. The maps could have been towns, fields, or even dungeons. When one was killed, the name of the killer of said Santa Poring was announced across the server.


Upon killing the Santa Poring, the player would obtain a Christmas Bell Ribbon.

Christmas 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town! On the start of the 14th (December 14th, 2010 at 12:00:01 AM) Santa will be in Lutie spreading toys and good cheer to all the good little boys and girls of RevivalRO. And he’ll be around for 12 days and leave at the end of Christmas.

But Santa has one request for all you good little boys and girls (and even the bad ones too), to spread Christmas cheer to some very lonely individuals that Santa wants filled to the brim with good spirits! All you need to do is deliver them Christmas cards, and in return they might even give you an extra special something so you can have a Merry Christmas too.

So don’t forget to help out Santa, and spread that holiday cheer to help stuff your stockings full of toys and goodies! Once a day, players could obtain a card from Santa. That card would mimic a monster (i.e: Christmas Knight for Stormy Knight, Christmas Poring for Santa Poring, Christmas Jakk for Jakk, etc). Players must take this card to the respective monster looking NPC. The NPC can be found on any field map (moc_fild, pay_fild, prt_fild, etc). It will not show up in dungeons / towns / buildings, etc). The NPCs will change their position every 4 hours and at midnight start again with a new card. There are 12 NPCs total, and if a player finds the NPC each day, they can collect all 12 possible prizes.


By bringing the card you received during the event to the appropriate NPC, you received the following rewards:

Christmas 2011

Eerie sounds come from behind a building and out pops... Santa Claus!

But he's not his holly jolly self. He's got a Bazooka and is ready and willing to kick some a... butt. From behind another building creeps out a zombie, holding a menorah! Finally, a robot creaks its way out from behind a third building holding a kinara.

They all turn to the center of the three buildings and see... the Holiday Gourd who proclaims, "Happy Holidays guys!". All three turn to the Gourd and say, "We're so sick of hearing 'Happy Holidays'. Stop trying to rob our celebrations of their power you damnable gourd!"

"Uh oh..." The Gourd murmurs before rolling away from the three and off into the distance.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect the gourd and make sure everyone can celebrate whatever holiday they choose! Throughout the rest of the year (2011) Santa, the Hanukkah Zombie, and Kwanzaa bot will appear on random maps throughout Rune Midgard and seek vengeance on the poor Holiday Gourds. Rush quickly to the map that's announced and stop them from defeating the Gourds! (And then kill the Gourd yourself <.< >.>)

  • At intervals throughout the day from 12/23/2011 until 11:59:59 PM on 12/31/2011 (the moment 2011 ends), the Kwanzza Bot, Hanukkah Zombie, Santa's Minions, and Gourds will spawn on a random map. This map will be announced when then appear!
  • Obtain Lump of Coal and/or special event headgears through any of the following ways:
    • Kill any and ALL mobs in the game for a random low chance at dropping a Lump of Coal
    • Kill the Kwanzza Bot, Hanukkah Zombie, and/or Santa's Minions that spawn on a random map throughout the day for a chance (higher than the one mentioned above) to obtain a Lump of Coal
    • Kill the Gourd in the same random maps to instantly have a chance at one of the special headgears listed below.
  • Trade your Lump of Coal to the Gourdon the Gourd in Lutie (Located at 152, 119) for one of the special headgears listed below.

Other Notes

  • You only need a max of 7 Lump of Coal to obtain all the headgears. Try not to be greedy please.
  • The mobs that spawn can attack each other, and can die. So you must hurry to the map that announces or they will all be dead before you get a chance to kill them.
  • There will be plenty of mobs, so you should have an easy chance to kill them.


Christmas 2012

This year, Santa Claus was getting ready for Christmas quite peacefully... But as always with Rune-Midgard (and Rebirth in general ;D) something had to go wrong! And this time it was at the hands (or paws) of the frightful Ex-Mas Band of Pesky Smokies! They have stolen lots of presents from Santa's sleigh and he needs your help in retrieving them!

You may speak to Santa Claus in Lutie (go south a bit to the sleigh) and he will ask you to help him find those presents and hunt down the Pesky Smokies. They have ran all over the world and your job is to find them and get the stolen presents from them. Once you have the present, you will find it belongs to someone (check the first card slot). You then need to deliver that present to that person in time for Christmas; you will be rewarded with a Bauble each present you retrieve.


  • You may only deliver 1 stolen present per person per day (there are 13 people; for a maximum of 13 baubles a day).
  • You may only hold onto 1 stolen present at a time - make sure to deliver it before you go killing more Smokies.
  • Every day at five past midnight (Server time), the Pesky Smokies will steal a load of presents again, allowing you to go out and retrieve each person's present again.
  • At the same time, the children whose presents were stolen will move about in the town they're in (you can't expect them to stand still all day long!)
  • There are two types of Pesky Smokies: Present and Sock. The Present Smokies are more common, but the Sock Smokies will also drop a random handful of Baubles for you.
  • Smokies can be found on only field maps which do not require a quest to access (You may not find them on Manuk Fields, for example).
  • To find presents, you must visit Santa Claus each day, otherwise you will receive nothing, even if you kill a Pesky Smokie.


Christmas 2013

1. Go to Lutie and talk to the Director of Toys at (132, 233).

2. When you have decided to help her, she will ask you to bring her the following items:

  • 1x Spring (Wind-up Spring)
  • 1x Wooden Block
  • 1x Heart
  • 1x Paint Brush
  • 1x Colorful Paint (Wood Paint)
  • 1x Gift Wrap

There is a chance to receive these items upon killing any monsters (including DB/BB and quest monsters). If you receive more than one of a single item, you can exchange it for another item by talking to the Director of Toys.

3. After you have finished collecting these items, talk to the Director of Toys. You will be given a Wrapped Toy that you need to take to Santa Claus, who is located inside the building to the right of the Director of Toys.


Christmas 2014

Every year Saint Nekolas and his Neko Elves have been making toys for the good children of the world to be delivered on Nyanmas Day. This year was supposed to be no different.... but alas, while en route to transferring all the wrapped and packaged presents from their factory to the sleigh. The group was ambushed by The Grinch.

The Grinch and his cohort of little Grinchlings has snatched up every last present made for the good children of Nyanmas and run off to various field maps around Midgard. Saint Nekolas needs you help to bring back their presents in time for Nyanmas Eve.


  • Speak to Saint Nekolas in Lutie(location 151 120).
  • Nekolas will ask for your help to gather presents according to the color they need for today by killing the Grinchlings found all over the fields of the three kingdoms.
  • Go to any field map of RevivalRO (These do not include Dungeon or Town Maps) and kill the Grinchling that spawn for one of the five colored "Gift Boxes". There are 10 Christmas Goblins for each map and they respawn between 10 seconds to 1 minute after being killed.
  • After collecting the required amount of presents, return to Saint Nekolas and he will reward you with Goodie Bag or Infinite Santa Bag and a random amount of Nyanmas Points.

MVP Event
  • There is also a Random MVP event in Lutie where you get to battle The Grinch. The will be a global announcement if and when he will appear so players can prepare. Player who receives MVP status during the event will get a certain number of all color presents (proposed was 10) and each player currently on Lutie when The Grinch dies will get a random 1 or 2 pieces of either 1 or 2 types color present box .


Completion of Nekolas' Quest
Holly's Nyanmas Point Exchange

Christmas 2015 - 12 Days of Christmas Event

The 12 Days of Christmas event, a daily login event, is set to start on Christmas and run for the 11 days after. During that time you can speak with Big Dumb Santa and receive a Christmas Gift each calendar day, once per person. As per usual, attempts to circumvent this will be dealt with extreme prejudice (permaban all accounts). Big Dumb Santa will appear near the Donor Box cat and give gifts as well as allow you to recolor the 2015 version of the Light-up Santa Hat (which drops from Christmas Gifts). To claim your Christmas Gift you must have been logged in for 2 consecutive hours. If you switch characters or disconnect for any reason at all, the timer will reset. When you get your Christmas Gift you will get a random amount of 1-3. They are weighted, so you have a better chance of getting 1 than 3.

The requirements:

  • Account must not be a new account (at least over a month old).
  • You must have been logged in for 2 consecutive hours.
  • You must not have already done the event today.

So to get a Christmas Gift:

  • Log in.
  • Wait 2 hours. DO NOT LOG OUT. If you get DCed, your game crashes, the server crashes, or you switch characters, you'll have to start over. You don't need to be doing anything in particular while you wait. You can go farm items, go do quests, hang with people in a town, or just *AFK.
  • Speak with Santa.
  • Open Christmas Gift.
  • ???
  • Profit.

Christmas 2016

Santa needs your help! The Grinch attacked Santa's Toy Factory earlier today and caused absolute chaos. He's now WAY behind on his deliveries and needs your help to catch up and save Christmas!

Visit Christmas Helper to help out! She's inside the same building as Santa in Lutie.


  • Go to Lutie (@go 7) and go to Santa's building (xmas 145, 237). Once inside, look for Christmas Helper (xmas_in 108, 95). She will tell you what happened earlier and will ask for your help in delivering presents to people all around the kingdoms.
  • Accept the offer and she will give you a present, as well as the name of the person and the general area where that person is.
  • Go to the specified area and look for the person. It' actually a roaming NPC so it will be moving around the whole map so search for it.
  • Once you find it, give the present and as a reward, it will give you a Christmas Box. This ends the event.


  • You can only do the event ONCE a day.
  • Event is account bound. No other character from your account may play when one of them already finished it.
  • As of pres time, there is only one NPC to give the present to. We assume it will change everyday so be ready.


Christmas Box