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Sealed MVPs are a group of custom monsters, inspired by the "basic" normal MVPs of Ragnarok Online. Currently there are 15 different sealed MVPs in game.
They are stronger and drop boosted weapons and cards compared to their counterparts.


The 15 different MVP spawn on the same fields and dungeons as their normal counterparts.

Monster Dungeon Weapon Card
Sealed Baphomet Hidden Maze 03 Sealed Crescent Scyth Sealed Baphomet Card
Sealed Dark Lord Glastheim Churchyard Sealed Kronos Sealed Dark Lord Card
Sealed Drake Sunken Ship 02 Sealed Flintlocks Sealed Drake Card
Sealed Eddga Payon Field 11 Sealed Krieg Sealed Eddga Card
Sealed Incarnation Samurai Amatsu Dungeon 03 Sealed Huuma Blaze Shuriken Sealed Incantation Samurai Card
Sealed Lord of Death Niflheim Sealed Ice Pick Sealed Dark Lord Card
Sealed Maya Ant Hell 02 Sealed Dea Staff Sealed Maya Card
Sealed Mistress Mjolnir Field 04 Sealed Red Square Bag Sealed Mistress Card
Sealed Moonlight Flower Payon Dungeon 04 Sealed Staff Of Bordeaux Sealed Moonlight Flower Card
Sealed Orc Hero Geffen Field 14 Sealed Star Dust Blade Sealed Orc Hero Card
Sealed Orc Lord Geffen Field 10 Sealed Doom Slayer Sealed Orc Lord Card
Sealed Osiris Pyramids 04 Sealed Chakram Sealed Osiris Card
Sealed Pharao Sphinx 05 Sealed Tablet Sealed Pharao Card
Sealed Phreeoni Morroc Field 17 Sealed Weihna Sealed Phreeoni Card
Sealed Turtle General Turtle Dungeon 04 Sealed Immaterial Sword Sealed Turtle General Card


To release the sealed MVPs, the following quests need to be finished to their end:

Once the Biolabs F4 opened, the sealed MVPs also roam the world. They will be free for 30 days, and will disappear when the Biolabs F4 close.
To release them again, the seals need to be broken again.

  • The Respawn time of those sealed MVPs ranges roughly from 8h to 15h.

Bio Laboratory F4 Quests
First Quests Second Quest Final Quest
The Boy Who Cried Wolfchev Breaking The Seal Quest Biolabs F4 Entrance Quest