A Glast from the Past

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First Half

  • To start, make sure you have completed the prerequisites to start this quest. If you haven't, the NPC will not talk to you.
  • Next, make your way to Yuno (@go 9). Walk to the Sage Guild, at the top right of the map (Located at 323, 281).
  • After entering, walk straight into the back hallway. From there, take the very first portal to your left. You will enter a library room, which you can find the NPC Haeroditus.
  • Speak to him and he will mention his colleague giving a lecture in the next room. From here, leave the room via the portal on the other side of the book cases (the one you didn't enter from). You will be back in the main hallway, then take the first portal to your left.
  • In this room, you will see the History Professor NPC, and a stack of books on a table. Click on the books.
  • Return to Haeroditus. He will tell you to head to three outposts and speak to the head researcher there. In order, they are:

  • Make your way to Beacon Island first. Locate the outpost on the far right side of the island (Located at 83, 170).
  • Speak to the head researcher, Professor William, and he will send you to investigate a high density of magic to the north.
  • Head to the top of the hill at the top of the map. You will find a black shadow NPC (Located at 271, 335). Click on it and a mysterious voice will start talking to you. When you are done, head back to Professor William.
  • Speak to the Professor and he will tell you to report back to Haeroditus. Go back to Yuno and talk to Haeroditus.

  • After speaking to Haeroditus, your next outpost to visit is located in Zenhai Marsh. The outpost is located near the middle of the marsh (Located at 129, 187).
  • Speak to the head researcher, Doctor Julia, who hands you the report and sends you back to Haeroditus.

  • After turning in the 2nd report, Haeroditus will send you to the final outpost Twin Lakes near Hugel.
  • When you reach the map, head to the middle of the larger lake and make your way to the top of the floating pieces of land to find the outpost (Located at 153, 201).
  • Talk to the head researcher, Reuben, and he will say he needs a new lens first. To complete it, he asks you to meet his friend Sean.
  • Go to Geffen (@go 2), then head west 1 map. On gef_fild07, you can find Sean near the telescopes at 173, 245.
  • Head back to Reuben to get the report, then return to Haeroditus.

  • Upon handing the final report to Haeroditus, he will inform you that Doctor Julia needs to speak with you right away. Make your way back to her at Zenhai Marsh.
  • Julia will explain they found an undiscovered part of the jungle. Head to the Researcher located at the top of the map, around 236, 380. He will send you into the newly discovered jungle.

Second Half

  • When you arrive on the new map (cmd_fild03f), walk to the lower right hand corner. You will see the base camp located around 199, 212.
  • Speak to the head researcher, Professor Hartz. He will ask you to check out the big ball of light in the center of the map.
  • Head to the center of the map and you will see a portal, located at (137, 266). Upon clicking the portal, the mysterious voice returns and sends you through the portal. You will arrive on cmd_fild03p.
  • Before going through to the next maps, which you will be able to, first head to the lower right corner. The map is near identical to the last one, so head to the spot where the outpost should be located. Walk around the cell 201, 220 and an NPC box will pop up.
  • After you close the NPC box, head back to where the portal is and head north, to the next map. The portal leading there is located at 103, 356.
  • When you reach the map far_isld01, head north a little bit and speak to the Disgruntled Merchant (Located at 95, 60).
  • After that, head to the very top of the map, and through the portal to the next area, far_isld02 (Located at 194, 372).
  • From far_isld02, just head to the top of the map to go to far_isld04, located at 190, 341.
  • Finally, head through the portal located at 332, 382 to reach Glastheim (P).
  • It is advised that you walk north a little bit and save at the Warpra to avoid having to walk all the way back if you leave.
  • Return to Haeroditus in Yuno to compete this quest and receive Base EXP and Job EXP.

Required Items




  • Upon finishing this quest you can save and walk around the bottom center part of Glastheim (P), however to walk around the whole town freely, you need to finish the Sticky Situation quest.

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