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Vigilante Shield

Vigilante Shield
ID: 52649
Tradable: No
Storage-able: Yes
Vendable: No
Slots: 1
Defence: 3
Equipped On: Shield
Equippable By: All Classes
Required Level: None

Item Description

  • Adds a 10% chance to ignore all types of attack damage.
  • Increases resistance to all elements by 10%.
  • Reduces damage from all attack types by 10%.
  • Reduces MATK, ATK, Flee, Perfect Dodge and Hit by 50%
  • Increases after cast delay of Acid Demonstration by (100-4*refine)%.
  • Reduces ASPD by (25 - Refine)%

How To Obtain This Item


This item is not available on Eir.



This item is not available on Thor.


Script is currently unknown.