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The Nightmare Within




  • Start by heading to Far isld03 and walk to the lower left of the map. Speak to Shady-Looking Woman (Located at 237, 88). Screenshot
  • If you have finished the prerequisite quests, the NPC will keep talking to you will be asked if you want to invest 5,000,000 Zeny with the promise to be repaid five-fold over. Pay this money if you want to continue the quest.
  • After paying the fee, when you speak to the NPC, you will receive a random item. Keep speaking to the NPC until you receive a Gold.
  • Speak to the NPC again and she'll explain that when she was digging, she came across a strange orb. However, an old hag appeared out of no where and stole it. Offer to go catch her and she'll tell you the old hag went near the old ruining pyramid.
  • Walk a bit North-West and you'll find the Old Woman (Located at 179, 174). Screenshot
  • After speaking to the old woman, she'll ask you to bring her a Bloodied Collar.
  • When you return with the Bloodied Collar, she'll explain that she is from Gefenia, and the orb actually contains some teleportational magic. Speak to her again and she will warp you to Nightmare Pyramids.
  • You have finished this quest and will be able to Nightmare Pyramids as much as you want, however the old woman will no longer warp you there. Walk onto the little platform just above the Old Woman, and you will notice an Orb. After you have warped to the Pyramids the first time, you need to speak to this NPC if you want to go back there. Screenshot

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