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Strawberry Headgear Quest


Shortcake and her friends, Blossom and Meringue are looking for an adventurer who would bring them their favorite fruits. Help them gather the fruits and receive cool rewards.


  • Warp to Alberta. Head a little South, until you see Shortcake (Located at 200,129). She'll tell you her friend in Geffen needs 100 Oranges.
  • Warp to Geffen. Head to the north-east corner and talk to Blossom (Located at 150, 202). Bring her the oranges and she will reward you with a Mixed Juice. She will tell you that her friend needs 100 Lemons.
  • Warp to Prontera. Head to the south-west area outside the inner wall and talk to Meringue (Located at 110, 98). Bring her the lemons and she will reward you with a Piece of Cake. She will tell you that her friend needs 100 Strawberries.
  • Go back and talk to Shortcake with the strawberries and she'll hand you the Strawberry Headgear and a Cute Strawberry-Choco.

Required Items

100 Orange

100 Lemon
100 Strawberry


Complete this quest and you will receive a 2226.gif Strawberry Headgear.

Additionally, you will also receive a 12067.gif Mixed Juice,539.gif Piece of Cake and a 596.gif Cute Strawberry-Choco.




This quest is not repeatable. You can only do it once per character.