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Small Angelwing Quest


Angela is offering adventurers really nice looking angel wings.


  • Warp to Yuno. Right above where you spawn, is Angela (Located at 146, 191).
  • Speak to her and she will tell you what items you will need.
  • Bring her these items and she will make the wings for you. Possible wings include:
Small Angelwing (Red)
Small Angelwing (Blue)
Small Angelwing (White)

Required Items

100 Feather

100 Feather of Birds
100 Harpy Feather
100 Peco Peco Feather
100 Soft Feather
  • Items dependent on color of wing wanted:
Small Angelwing (Red): ] 100 Red Feather
Small Angelwing (Blue):  100 Blue Feathers
Small Angelwing (White):  50 Cursed Seals




  • This quest is only available on Eir / Tyr