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Ship Captain's Hat Quest


When he was young, this ship captain saw his grandfather with a big ship. His grandfather explained to him at a very young age how everything around the ship works. He stared at his grandfather while he was explaining with wide eyes full of interest.

His grandfather had big dreams for him, he wanted to give the ship to his grandson-moose so he could discover places and be known throughout the whole Midgard.

....But his grandson-moose's mind wasn't exactly what he expected it to be. As soon as he died and the ship was passed on to the moose, the moose clapped his hands and exclaimed, "Wonderful!".

He then opened the ship for parties and cows dancing in poles, it instantly became a big hit. Only those who have the same hat as his are allowed to join.

Why do you think the hat makes you dance, anyway?


Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive a Ship Captain's Hat.