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Rideword Hat Quest


Murka has been focusing on creating replica headgears of monsters. She can make you a Decorative Geographer, a Drooping Ninetail or a Rideword Hat. Although she's not too sure about the Rideword Hat. People who have gotten it in the past seem to have become exponentially dumber in an extremely short amount of time.


  • Warp to Yuno.
  • Head to the Monster Research Building (Located at 278 290) and speak to a Monster Researcher (Located at 29 118).
  • Bring her the required items to complete your Rideword Hat.

Required Items

1 Memory Book

1 Level 8 Cookbook
250 Bookclip in Memory
50 Old Magicbook
500 Torn Scroll
200 Cursed Seal
1 Book of Billows [3]
1 Book of Gust of Wind [3]
1 Book of Mother Earth [3]
1 Book of Blazing Sun [3]


Complete this quest and receive your Rideword Hat.




See Socket Enchant for information on how to create Book of Billows [3], Book of Gust of Wind [3], Book of Mother Earth [3] and Book of Blazing Sun [3].