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Recolour Feather Beret Quest


In Rachel, brave adventurers only wear certain hats, at least that's what Devon the Brave Warrior thinks. He doesn't normally notice unstylish adventurers but he offered help to put some colour onto your Feather Beret!


Note: You must be wearing a Feather Beret for him to talk to you.
  • Bring him the required materials, and he'll make your recoloured Feather Beret.
  • Note: Recolouring a Feather Beret WILL reset your refines.

Required Items


From Left to Right: Black Feather Beret, Brown Feather Beret, Gold Feather Beret, Green Feather Beret, Light Blue Feather Beret, Orange Feather Beret, Pink Feather Beret, Purple Feather Beret, Red Feather Beret, Silver Feather Beret, White Feather Beret