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Recolour Coppola Hat Quest


Coming from a poor family, Freed had to work for his whole life to put food on the table for his family. Unfortunately, he has been attacked by Metalings near Einbech. They have stolen his watch and he is hell bent on getting it back. The watch was a special gift for him from his mother even though they were poor. He asks that you help return his sentimental watch before it's too late.


  • Warp to Einbech, the Mining Town.
  • Head east until you reach the buildings. At the center, is a fountain where you can find Freed (Located at 193, 124).
  • Speak to him and he will tell you about his watch and the evil metalings that stole it.
  • Head South 1 map, until you reach Einbroch Field 09.
  • Kill Metalings, until you receive a message in the chat bar stating you found a slightly slimy silver watch. It's not an actual item, so you do not need to autoloot anything. Just watch the chat bar. You have to equip the coppola at this stage.
  • Return to Freed and he will thank you for returning the watch. As your reward he will offer to recolour your hat in exchange for dinner. Bring him the required items below for the color of the headgear you want.


Required Items

1 Coppola (0) or 1 Coppola (2)

200 Jubilee
100 Aloe Leaflet
15 Assorted Shish Kebob
  • 1 of a special gem below (Depending on the color you choose). Slotted Coppola recolors are only available on Loki:
Coppola (Blue) or Coppola (2) (Blue) :  Aquamarine 
Coppola (Brown) or Coppola (2) (Brown) :  Zircon 
Coppola (Purple) or Coppola (2) (Purple) :  Amethyst
Coppola (Red) or Coppola (2) (Red) :  Garnet


From Left to Right: Coppola (Obtainable through Event Points), Coppola (Red), Coppola (Purple), Coppola (Blue), Coppola (Brown)




To make the Assorted Shish Kebob, see Cooking for more information.

You must wear the Coppola or Coppola (2) when speaking to Freed.