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Recolour Beanie Quest


Lutie has always been known for its everlasting winters, so, Wendy decided to help you create colourful Beanies to keep you warm in your adventures.


  • Warp to Lutie.
  • Walk a little West, and head North until you see Wendy (Located at 131 169).
  • Bring her the required items to make the headgear of your choice.

Required Items

1 Beanie

1 White Dyestuff
  • Dyestuffs (Depending on the colour you want)
Pink Beanie:  1 Scarlet Dyestuffs
Gray Beanie:  1 Black Dyestuffs
Blue Beanie:  1 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs


From Left to Right: Pink Beanie, Blue Beanie, Gray Beanie




See Party Hat, Straw Hat, Cowboy Hat, Sombrero & Fur Hat Quest for information on how to create a Beanie.