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Necktie Quest




  • Start off by going to Lighthalzen (@go 20) and make your way Southwest.
  • Speak to the Drunk Man (Located at 98, 51). Keep speaking to him until a menu pops up. Ask him what's wrong and you will find out you can't understand him so he must be sick. You need to bring something to cure his illness.
  • Return after obtaining 1x Panacea and he'll take it from you.
  • Continue talking to him and he'll ask you to go see his wife, Elaine in the northeastern part of Lighthalzen. Make your way to her location at 240, 311.
  • She will ask you to prove you know her husband and ask his name. Type in "John" and she'll ask you what he's been up to. When given two options, tell the truth and say he was out drinking. She'll tell you to tell him to never come home.
  • Return to the Drunk Man, John, and agree to help him. He'll tell you to bring a Diamond Ring to his wife.
  • After obtaining a Diamond Ring, return to Elaine. She'll say it's not enough to make up for things.
  • Return to John and he'll ask you to obtain 6x Frozen Rose and 6x Witherless Rose for his wife.
  • Take those items and speak to Elaine again. When prompted, enter "You COMPLETE me!".
  • Return to John and he'll ask for more items and a message to be delivered. Obtain the following items:
  • Return to Elaine with those items and say "I love you always forever!"
  • Finally, return to John and he'll give you a Necktie for helping him and his marriage issues.

Required Items