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Maintenance 2016-07-26

From the Maintenance Notes:

Both Servers

  • [Added] Sprites that do not hide your base job will no longer be dispelled when entering WoE. This includes 3rd job sprites and alternative 3rd job sprites, as well as, maybe in the future for Loki, baby 3rd job sprites.
  • [Added] A new item in both servers' Cashshops is the Summer Style Box. This contains within it a bunch of costumes based around the theme of 'Summer'. It includes some costumes already available from the Hat Roulette and other means, but also some brand new costumes as well. Similar to the Hat Roulette, it will drop a tradeable box that contains within it a 30 days rental costume; but there is also the chance to get a permanent version of any costumes that it drops!
  • [Added] New achievements have been added
  • [Added] The following default keybinds have been added:
    • Achievement Window: Ctrl+A
    • Hash-command Window: Ctrl+Alt+Y
  • [Changed] We have changed the categories in the Cashshop to better reflect and allow categorisation of items. These are now: New, Headgear, Sale, Costumes, Equips, Scrolls, Usables, Extras, Special (as of yet, unused), Results. The Korean button in the Special tab is now English.
  • [Changed] Please see the relevant server section to see how your Cashshop has changed.
  • [Changed] The following costumes have changed:
    • Orc Champion Helm now displays the correct sprite, and now only takes the upper costume slot.
    • Hollow Mask is now mid.
    • Bra Hat is now mid.
  • [Changed] Custom bullets and cartridges have had their names changed to reflect officials to allow for easier searching.
  • [Fixed] A few nulls have been fixed with Fishing.
  • [Fixed] A potential fix for named items not actually being named or showing the incorrect name.
  • [Fixed] Rental items with cards in them will properly return them now when the item is deleted.
  • [Fixed] Some more achievements that should give item rewards, now do (thankfully no one had these completed yet, though).
  • [Fixed] You can no longer drop items inside Battlegrounds.
  • [Removed] VIP Dyna has been removed as it was eating people's items.


  • [Added] A few new items have appeared in the Cashshop:
    • Kagerou, Oboro and Rebel new clothes have been added. These turn Ninjas and Gunslingers into those jobs.
    • A new set has been added, the Archangel Set, made up of a Garment (with sprite) and a Ring. Both may be found in the Cashshop, or as rewards from Eden Daily Quests.
    • Small and Medium Potion Boxes have been added to the Cashshop, in sizes of 10, 30, and 50. Bigger boxes result in cheaper prices.
    • Siege Teleport Scroll and Box has been added. These will warp you to outside of the castle you choose.
    • Barricade and Guardian Stone repair kits have also been added.
  • [Changed] The Headgear tab will now have Lucky Boxes and Dyna hats in it only.
  • [Changed] The Costumes tab will now contain Costumes and also the new Summer Style Box.
  • [Changed] The Equips tab will now contain the headgears sets (Scarlet, Emperor, etc.), as well as Angra, Ahura, Heroic Backpack and other, permanent equipment.
  • [Changed] The Scrolls tab will now include other "scroll-like" items, such as Swapper, Renamer, Gender Changer, etc.
  • [Changed] The Usables tab will now include, well, usable items!
  • [Changed] The Extras tab will include the alternative 3rd job sprite equips, as well as mining pickaxes. It will, in future, contain other items as well as they are added.
  • [Changed] Small Life Potions HP restore is 5% of your max HP, capped at 7,500.
  • [Changed] Medium Life Potions HP restore is 7% of your max HP, capped at 12,500.
  • [Changed] Poring Priest Card's chance to activate has increased.
  • [Changed] Fire Pillar's formula has been reverted to the pre-SE one.
  • [Fixed] You will no longer have to re-equip your alternative 3rd job sprite-giving clothes when logging in.
  • [Fixed] Dyna Event's script has been fixed up a little bit so that the NPC will no longer freeze.
  • [Fixed] The warp portals between Brasilis Dungeon floor 1 and 2 have now appeared.
  • [Fixed] Throe Voice will now stop you attacking and then sit you down, in order to avoid a weird state of limbo.
  • [Removed] Dyna Free Hats have been removed from the Cashshop and may make an appearance again later on once we find a good place for them.


  • [Changed] The Headgear tab will, in future, contain legit headgears in it. At the moment, it is empty.
  • [Changed] The Costumes tab will contain Costumes and also the new Summer Style Box.
  • [Changed] The Equips tab contains all previous rental boxes that were found in the limited tab.
  • [Changed] The Scrolls tab contains all buff scrolls, as well as Character Service scrolls.
  • [Changed] The Usables tab will now contain... usable items.
  • [Changed] The Extras tab contains pretty much what it did previously.
  • As a note for Thor, in the future, we will be looking at tidying up and streamlining your Cashshop. For the time being, please do bear with it.
  • [Fixed] Plundered Loot will no longer have a chance to drop nothing.
  • [Fixed] Fire Rain's formula is now based on iRO's: [{2000+(skill_lv x Dex)} x base_level / 100]%
  • [Fixed] Howling Mandragora's cooldown has been increased to 15 seconds.
  • [Fixed] Weapon Blocking will no longer delay your attacks.