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Maintenance 2016-07-13

From the Maintenance Notes:

Both Servers

  • [Added] The new Ranger alternative sprite has been added and may be purchased from the Cashshop.
  • [Fixed] A problem with Flying Side Kick dealing its bonus damage from running and spurt only if you were bare-handed.
  • [Fixed] A major issue that let people crash the server. The people doing this have been banned.
  • [Fixed] An issue wherein your 3rd job alternative sprite would revert in certain circumstances.


  • [Fixed] WoE 2.0 castles will now correctly follow the re-capture method for Economy.
  • [Fixed] A number of premium items that were not flagged as such are now, and so cannot be used in non-donor areas.


  • [Fixed] Added a potential fix that instantly kicked people out of some of the newer instances.