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Maintenance 2016-07-04

From the Maintenance Notes:

Both Servers

My patcher is crashing!

  • If you have having trouble patching because your patcher is crashing, please go into your rRO folder and delete "RevivalRO.ini". This will alleviate the problem for you.

Do not click "Auto-start client after patch process completes" for the time being.

New Client!

  • This client brings us up to March 2016!
  • [Added] A new icon on the inventory window pane that shows your Inventory size and how full it is. New icons have been also added to the cart and storage windows.
  • [Added] The following NPCs will now show an icon above their heads to differentiate them from other NPCs: Kafras, Warpras, Healers, Inn Keepers, Tool/Weapon/Armour Dealers, Stylists.
  • [Added] Signboards have been added to most town's shops entrances. Furthermore, the Job Master in Prontera has a signboard, as well as the Cedi NPCs in Yuno for easy differentiation.
  • [Added] Alt+Y has been updated with the newer hash commands.
  • [Added] When SP damage is taken, it will now be displayed for all to see as blue damage numbers. At the minute, this is limited to bSPVanish (so items like Bellum, etc.) and some new items added this maintenance. Please leave feedback for us if you would like this extended to other skills/items. For a visual representation, please see: http://puu.sh/pMDzD/2a5ebff416.jpg
  • [Changed] Mobs will now shout some skills they are using, like players.
  • [Fixed] The mini-map icons for NPCs in towns have been moved around and now lead you to their respective NPCs, instead of being inline with the official NPC locations.


  • Yes, fishing! Unlike most other methods of fishing in the RO world, we're very, very pleased with our version of it and the freedom it affords; not to mention its depth!
  • [Added] A few new NPCs centred around /navi aldebaran 148/228 have appeared. These NPCs will introduce you to and get you started with fishing.
  • The Fishing Tutor will give you your very first rod and bait. He will also give an overview on the process of fishing.
  • The Fishing Supplies Doram will sell you new rods and bait, in exchange for Shekel.
  • The Fish Merchant will trade any fish you have for Shekel.
  • [Added] A new currency, Shekel, has been added. This functions similarly to Denarus for our custom crafting on Loki. It may be earnt by trading fish to the Fish Merchant, and spent with the Fishing Supplies Doram.
  • [Added] New types of weapon - Fishing Rods - and ammunition - Fishing Bait - have been added. Both are required to begin fishing.
  • [Added] A new skill - Fishing - has been added. Fishing Rods will grant you this skill once equipped. To use it, you must have some bait equipped, as well as be in or near a body of water.
  • [Added] New recipes for fishing bait have been added to the level 5~9 cookbooks.
  • [Added] Somewhere between 150 and 200 fish have been added, each with their own effect and use.
  • [Changed] I went around and edited roughly 100 or so maps so that they are compatible with fishing. At the minute, this is limited to the mainland of Rune-Midgard, Schwartzwald and Arunafeltz.
  • For more information, the NPCs in Aldebaran will explain more to you.

Achievements and Titles

  • I'm pleased to announce we're ready to release our Achievements and titles system! What started out as a pet project is now finally ready to be released and abused enjoyed by all! Before I jump into it, I'd like to point out that we are the first ever server to make use of this system; no other server is making use of this feature. This is because it was solely developed by myself, and not an emulator.
  • [Added] A new button underneath your main status window that will open the Achievements window has been added.
  • [Added] About 150 achievements have been added to the game thus far. We will certainly be adding more as time goes on!
  • [Added] A whole host of new costumes to be unlocked!
  • [Added] Functionality for the Title tab in the equipment window.

  • Achievements are character bound. The item rewards, however, are account bound, except where noted.
  • A new NPC, called the Achieved Man, has appeared in Prontera. He will mark as completed achievements you have already done. Bear in mind, before this, not all achievement-related data was stored, and so cannot be marked as complete. As such, only level, class and most quest achievements will be marked as completed.
  • Please note, once the Get Reward button is clicked, you will receive the reward buff. Therefore, you may, if you so will, "save" these buffs if you want. Most buffs last for, at least, 10 minutes and, at most, 30 minutes.
  • We may return to old achievements and add extra rewards, in which cases, fear not! If you complete an achievement now and a reward is added retro-actively, you may still obtain this reward. Therefore, you should not be scared to complete any and all achievements when you can.
  • We will, of course, be adding more achievements as we progress!

Achievement Competition

  • I have also gone through the thread in the General section of the forums and picked out some good suggestions - or used them as inspiration. If you made a post in that thread, please go back and check to see if you've won a special achievement and title for winning the competition! If you have, just pop into Helpdesk and someone will gladly help you.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Additions

  • [Added / Changed / Removed] We've gone around and changed pretty much every town's utility NPCs in some way, shape or form. Please inform us if anything looks off.
  • [Changed] Item restrictions have been updated to reflect newer items' movement restrictions. (Bear in mind, this is shared between servers, so we've tried to compromise as best as we can and have gone for the more stricter restrictions to be shown).
  • [Changed] We have changed the Storm Gust animation to play only once, rather than three or four times stacked upon itself.
  • [Fixed] A client crash caused by a party leader signing up for Battlegrounds whilst you were already signed up in the individual queue has been fixed.
  • [Fixed] When in a party, you will not be able to sign up for the Individual queue for Battlegrounds.
  • [Removed] The Deathmatch NPC will only appear in Prontera. When we have time, we will be streamlining the process in joining Deathmatch.
  • [Removed] We have temporarily disabled kill logs for both PvP and GvG to assess on-going lag concerns during WoE times.

Cashshop Update!

  • What maintenance wouldn't be complete with a Cashshop update!
  • [Loki] [Thor] We have introduced a new type of Lucky Box - the Touhou Lucky Box! Within this box lies special hats that are based on Touhou (what even is Touhou, by the way?). These hats are designed for both Loki and Thor to make alternative builds to be more viable!
  • [Loki] Effect: All hats are 2 slotted (but show 1), and thus are considered as legit. Thence, they may be refined.
  • [Thor] Effect: All hats are 1 slotted. They may be refined.
  • [Loki] Cost: 500 Points; 400 Pieces of Paradise; 750 Battlegrounds Badges.
  • [Thor] Cost: 200Points; 70 Heroic Points; 7 Event Points.
  • Note: All headgears may be traded!
  • Loki's Limited Tab has also been updated in the Cashshop!
  • [Loki] Sale! Let's check what goods have been moved to the Limited Tab this time!
    • Enriched Elunium Box 10% off: normally 100P, now 90P!
    • Enriched Oridecon Box 10% off: normally 100P, now 90P!
    • Token of Siegfried 10% off: normally 100P, now 90P!
    • Horned Crown, now 1,8000P!
    • Rootbeer Float Hat, now 1,8000P!
    • Gothic Lolita Hat, now 1,8000P!
    • Drooping Rangdris, now 1,8000P!
    • Drooping Falcon, now 1,8000P!
    • Feather Ribbon, now 1,8000P!
    • Robinhood Hat, now 1,8000P!
    • Ifrit Ears, now 1,8000P!
    • Rabo de Gato, now 800P!
    • Touhou Hat list


Battlegrounds Changes

  • Based on a lot of feedback I've heard from Thor and the new Battlegrounds, I decided to come back to it and tune it up a little bit to better suit Thor's needs.
  • [Added] Plundered Loot chests have been added as a drop after winning a match of Battlegrounds.
    • Plundered Loot chests have a chance of dropping after a match to anyone in the queue at that time.

They may be opened with a Marollo's Key, which may be purchased from the Cashshop, or, as of this maintenance, won from achievements.

    • You will gain one of the following, randomly:
    • Any 7 day Battlegrounds Costume.
    • A random Materials Box.
    • Floating rates between 150x and 200x for one hour. If floating rates are already in effect, an extra hour will be added onto them.
    • A random Battlegrounds pet.
    • A random, high-tier Battlegrounds Enchantment.
    • A random Captain's Card.
    • A permanent variant of a Battlegrounds Costume.
  • All items have been balanced for Thor. Please use @id in game to check descriptions (42690~42751 and 42991~42999).
  • For more in-depth information, please see this post.
  • [Added] The Battlegrounds Enchanter has appeared in the Battlegrounds Waiting Room. He will enchant any of your Brave or Valorous weapons for you (but nothing else). Once again, for more details, please talk to the NPC or see the above linked post.
  • [Changed] The minimum amount of players needed to start BG has been reduced, from 12 to 6.
  • [Changed] A number of win conditions have been changed:
  • Triple Inferno:
    • Now only requires 30 skulls to be turned in for a win, instead of 80.
  • Eye of the Storm:
    • Now only requires 50 points to be accumulated for a win, instead of 99.
  • Domination:
    • Now only requires 50 points to be accumulated for a win, instead of 99.
  • Bossnia:
    • The amount of Bosses defeated to win has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • The length of the match has decreased from a Herculean 15 minutes to 5 minutes (this also goes for Loki).
  • Team Deathmatch:
    • Both teams now start the match with 30 points, instead of 99.
  • Stone Control:
    • Stones will now reward 3 points every 2 seconds when captured, instead of 1.

Other Changes, Additions and Fixes

  • [Added] All players may now use @go, with the condition it may only be used inside towns.
  • [Changed] Siege Robe set will now grant an extra 3,000 HP and 300 SP when worn and the armour is > +8. To be on par with the Plate set and Suit set.
  • [Fixed] Immune Shield's effect has now been corrected to give additional resistances towards elements at +9
  • [Fixed] Ancient Gold Ornament may now be equipped by Kagerou/Obero and Rebels [For reals this time].
  • [Fixed] A whole slew of items that were reducing an incorrect amount of damage, including; Coppola, Red Tailed Ribbon.
  • [Fixed] Catacomb cards : Amistr, Exp. Amistr, and Exp. Filir now correctly apply effects to their corresponding classes.
  • [Removed] NPC:Kafra has been removed, as @go has been added.


War of Emperium Changes

  • For a while now, we have been planning some major changes to War of Emperium in order to crank up the fun factor a bit. Therefore, we're pleased to announce the first of these changes aimed at making WoE more engaging! Now, for those of you that read the forums or listen to me (few and far between, I know), you'll know we have some big changes in mind; however, upon discussion, we decided it would be too much both for us to test and ensure a high standard of quality, and for you guys to get used to. Therefore, we decided it would be best to stage staggered roll-outs of these changes instead. This also gives us the added benefit of being able to asses the effects of our changes and alter future changes as necessary. Now then, let's get into it!
  • [Added] Antagonists now have a function!
    • When setting an antagonist, your guild will now receive a bonus to both attack and defence when fighting the scoundrels!
    • The bonus is a sliding scale and makes use of the Tendency system (see below).
    • Even if you choose not to take part in the Tendency system, your guild will still gain bonuses when fighting antagonists.
    • The bonus will only apply on GvG maps, or Castle maps during WoE time.
  • [Added] Castle Economy now has a re-capture mechanic.
    • When a guild captures a Castle now, a portion of the Economy of that Castle will be "sacked".
    • If the original owners of that Castle then take that Castle back, this Economy will be regained (including any extra Economy the Castle accrued in the hands of the enemy).
    • If, however, another guild then takes this Castle, the original owners will have lost their chance to regain their Economy; the mechanic now applies to this guild and the original capturing guild.
    • The amount of Economy sacked and regained from capturing a Castle will now be displayed in the breaking announcement.
    • This re-capture mechanic will not carry over from one WoE to the next; therefore you have limited time to re-capture your Castle to regain your lost Economy.
    • If a Castle is abandoned, the Economy is lost and the original guild will have lost their chance to re-capture the Castle to regain the Economy.
  • [Added] A new system, called the Tendency system, has been added.
    • You will already know what this is: it is the Tendency graph in the guild window.
    • The letters stand for the following (top-clockwise): Righteousness, Fame, Wickedness, Vulgarity.
    • Currently, we will only be making use of the x-axis, called Honour.
    • Honour ranges from Vulgar to the left and Fame to the right (no relation to Notoriety, don't worry!).
    • A guild may alter their Honour by their actions during War of Emperium.
    • To increase Fame, a guild may defend their Castles by defeating any enemies that dare try to siege their stronghold. Fame will increase faster when defending an allied guild's Castle, and even faster when vanquishing an ally's antagonist in the ally's Castle.
    • To increase Vulgarity, a guild may invade other guild's Castles and defeat its defenders. It will increase faster if a guild attacks their antagonist's Castles and defeat the cowering fools therein.
    • As mentioned above, Honour affects the bonuses gained when fighting against antagonists: when fully Vulgar, a guild will gain 5% damage to antagonists; when fully Famous, a guild will gain 5% defence to antagonists. When completely neutral (as everyone will be after this update), a guild will have 2.5% damage and defence increases to antagonists. These bonuses are similar to how the over-refine bonus is calculated, in that they take place after all other battle calculations. The damage and defence increases apply to all attacks.
    • We will be making use of Virtue (the y-axis) at a later date.
  • [Changed] The maximum amount of Alliances a guild may have is now one. Please note, all existing Alliances and Antagonists have been wiped.
  • Note from Lux: We looked and decided there were too many hugboxes in WoE; hence this change to shake things up a bit.
  • [Changed] Alliances and Antagonists cannot be set whilst War of Emperium is active.
  • [Changed] The way a Castle gains Economy has changed.
  • Henceforth, you no longer need to invest Zeny into your Castle to increase Economy.
  • Economy will now tick up automatically during War of Emperium, at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes.
  • This timer starts when WoE does, and will end when WoE does; you will not need to do anything to start the timer, as it is all automatic.
  • If a Castle is taken, the current timer on the Castle will re-start. Therefore, a Castle will gain 1 Economy every 3 minutes from when it was taken.
  • With this change, the maximum amount of Economy gained per WoE is 40. Hence it will take 5 War of Emperiums to fully economise a Castle.
  • A Castle will not gain Economy when it is not WoE for that Castle, i.e. a morning-WoE Castle will not gain Economy during evening-WoE.
  • A guild will still gain the same benefits from high Economy as before.
  • [Changed] The rate that Economy and Defence is lost when a Castle is taken follows the following formula: max(1, x/5 - 5).
  • Defence may be increased as it was previously; the changes we have planned for Defence will come in a later maintenance, pending feedback on these changes.
  • [Changed] Until further changes can take place, Okolnir will now require 130 Economy and 40 Defence - minimum - to enter.

Other Changes, Additions and Fixes

  • [Added] Fairy Vary in Gonryun will now let you choose White as a recolour option for Fairy Wings.
  • [Added] A new Daily Quest - Angling - has been added. It is a turn-in quest for Fishing. As such, players may turn-in their fish with the Stock Manager.
  • [Added] The four new mobs that appeared with the last Custom Episode have been added to the Extermination(**) Daily Quest.
  • [Added] Skoll Card and Kraken Card have both been added to Bloody Card Albums.
  • [Changed] Cold will now reduce ASPD by a flat 15.
  • [Changed] The speed boost The Cart from Tarot Card of Hope grants has been increased.
  • [Changed] Flat MATK bonuses will no longer be increased by percentage modifiers (for real).
  • [Changed] Having read and heard lots of feedback regarding the Lucky Boxes, the following change has taken place:
  • When trading headgears in for extra Lucky Boxes, these headgears will be slotted into the Lucky Box like cards.
  • When you open that Lucky Box, it will not drop either of the headgears that were traded in for it.
  • For example, if I trade in a Dark Magician Hat and a Dark Wizard Hat for a new Magic PvP Lucky Box, it will drop neither of those headgears.
  • As we are being completely transparent with this new system, it has one limitation in that when trading duplicates to the Lucky Boxer, they will both be slotted onto one Lucky Box. Therefore, if it is possible for you, it would be best to trade duplicate headgears separately.
  • Inspired by the true story of a player who traded in two Hyegun Hats... to receive yet another Hyegun Hat. This one's for you, buddy.
  • [Changed] Sealed Lord of Death card's effects will now proc on long-range melee.
  • [Changed] Thief Crossbow's effect has changed. Please use @id 18109 to check its new description in game.
  • [Changed] Giant Crossbow's effect has changed. Please use @id 18110 to check its new description in game.
  • [Changed] Union has been included in the Debuff list for being debuffed when moving into PvP, etc.
  • [Fixed] An old item ID in Daily Quests that caused a null to appear has been fixed.
  • [Fixed] A problem with the gat tiles in thu_plt01 has been fixed, meaning mobs will no longer spawn in unreachable places.
  • [Fixed] The activation criteria for Poring Priest Card has been fixed.
  • [Fixed] Holy Helmet will now BSS only yourself.
  • [Fixed] Darkwood Rod will correctly dispell your link when equipped.
  • [Fixed] Mage Mathieu will no longer give your newly enchanted BG weapon back without its card, if it has a card slotted.
  • [Fixed] The Laid-back Guy will correctly reset custom instance variables.
  • [Fixed] Plundered Loot chests will now correctly have a chance to drop an Archer Box.
  • [Fixed] The change to auto-cast skills and status effects stipulated last maintenance has been fixed and now works correctly.
  • [Fixed] Sealed Weihna is now equippable by its stated classes. It is also now the correct weapon level.
  • [Removed] We have removed all methods of obtaining the Premium Item Exchange Coupon. Premium items will still be returnable under the "Buyer's Remorse" rule, however. Any already existing Coupons will still function as normal.

... Wait a minute! Where's RDC? Sadly we've had to postpone the new RDC tier release due to a very pressing and immediate issue with our mob database. This will be fixed when we have time and so when that's done, we will be able to release the next RDC tier. Sorry to build up hopes, but it is coming!