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Magical Feather Quest


A Soul Reaver acknowledges your strength in pursuit of defeating the immortal and wants to reward with a feather so magical, she calls the Magical Feather.


  • To start the quest you need to be at the step to create Golden Thread in Koschei the Immortal quest. While you are inside Marozka's Dungeon, you will find Bethel located at 43, 35. Speak to her to begin the quest
  • Bethel recognizes you are on the path to defeating Koschei and promises to reward you with the Magical Feather if you accomplish the feat, for she cannot do so herself because of fear and impending death. She says she would be happy to create a Magical Feather for you, once you defeat Koschei, for the materials listed below.
  • Once you finish defeating Koschei the Immortal, find the "Kid" at the docks located at Moscovia, 162, 65. He can send you back to Bethel. Speak to Bethel again with the requisite items in your inventory, she will grant you with the Magical Feather.

Required Items




  • Angel Wing can be bought from Eden Mall Headgear NPC for 25 million Zeny.