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Lost Kittens


A little girl has lost her kittens! Her mother won't let her outside of Prontera, so it is up to you to find the kittens.


NOTE: If you want to use a party, you will need to make a party BEFORE starting the quest.

  • Warp to Prontera (@go 0).
  • Walk straight east and find the Little Girl.
  • Talk to the Little Girl (Located at 255 215). She will ask you to help her find some lost kittens.
  • First she will ask you to bring her some items to make a basket. You can't carry them all in your arms, can you? Bring her the required items.
  • Congratulations, you have made a basket. Now it's time to catch the kittens! Head outside the east Prontera Gate.
  • There are nine kittens that you will have to find in Prontera Field 06. There is a chance they will run away from you. Keep trying!
  • Once you have found all nine kittens, return to the Little Girl to receive the Kittens in a Basket costume.

Required Items




Complete this quest and you will receive a Kittens in a Basket costume item.