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Kill/Death Ratio (KDR) is a representation of the amount of skill a particular player has. It is used on character cards as an all time stat and on the PVP leader boards as a rolling 1 week stat.


The weighted KDR (wKDR) stat, like the traditional KDR stat, considers kills and deaths. It also adds the addition of weighting by total kills.

675 kills, 27 deaths = 25.00 KDR, 16.875 wKDR

250 kills, 10 deaths = 25.00 KDR, 6.25 wKDR

10 kills, 1 death = 10.00 KDR, 0.10 wKDR

200 kills, 20 deaths = 1.00 KDR, 2.00 wKDR

100 kills, 10 deaths = 1.00 KDR, 1.00 wKDR

As you can see in the examples above, when comparing players of equal skill, a wKDR is higher if the player has used that skill more often. When comparing the above examples, which are sorted by KDR, you can see the third place person would have been ranked last place if we had been sorting by wKDR because while their KDR is high, they have not killed many people. wKDR helps eliminate those that gain KDR by luck.