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Helmet of Orc Hero (2) Quest


Lars is hungry and needs Waffles. He's so hungry he can't talk properly.

The town of Rachel has the best waffles but the waffle-maker, Maurice is having a waffle-phobia. He's been cooking waffles for Lars everyday and he can't send another wagon of waffles for him, it's too much. All he wanted was to sell insurance, but he was stuck cooking waffles for him. He wishes to move far far away, like Lutie! But in order for him to do that, he would need: a master key, some forged documents to cross the border, and a mask to hide his face.

A man in Einbroch Hotel named Steve is offering a fugitive package for 15 million zeny. Everything Maurice's needs to escape from the waffle-making horror and although he's leaving, he cooked his last waffle for Lars.


  • Warp to Geffen and speak to Lars (Located at 130, 69).
Note:You must be wearing the Helmet of Orc Hero for him to speak to you.
  • Head to Rachel and find the Rachel Restaurant (Located at 108 175). Enter it and speak to Maurice (Located at 310 53).
  • Return to Maurice with a Bride Mask. He tells you to find Steve at Einbroch.
  • Warp to Einbroch and head to the Einbroch Hotel (Located at 255 199). Find Steve (Located at 276 277) and give him 15,000,000 Zeny.
  • Return to Maurice then return back to Steve.
  • Return to Maurice with all his needed files and he will give you 'Waffles'.
  • Bring the waffles to Lars and he will thank you for your efforts.
  • Bring him the required items to make the Helmet of Orc Hero (2).

Required Items

1 Helmet of Orc Hero

1 Bride Mask
100 Steel
200 Elunium
1 Enriched Elunium
  • 16,000,000 Zeny


Complete this quest and you will receive a Helmet of Orc Hero (2)