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Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Items

What does the Angra Manyu do?

The Angra Manyu is a weapon that on iRO is originally only released to GMs. However, on this server it is available for public use for the small price of 1000 points. The Angra boosts your ATK up +3800, causing at least 3000 damage per hit on some monsters (but not all, though it does significant damage on ALL monsters). It also will heal you for damage you've caused to the monster. If you hit a monster for 1756 damage, you are in turn healed for 1756 hit points. This weapon is a mace-type weapon and can be wielded by all classes, but cannot be duel wielded by assassin classes. It has four slots. This item cannot be used in PvP or WoE.

What does the Ahura Mazda do?

The Ahura Mazda is an interesting shield, equippable by all classes. Some debate is risen on the exact function of the shield, but it does provide superior defense (up to 80% (and apparently only against demi humans)) and does reflect damage on monsters that attack you while you are wearing it, though not all the time. It is especially handy against demi-humans, and great for leveling in biolabs. It now has 1 slot. This item cannot be used in PvP or WoE.

What can you tell me about the Max Class / Max Level tickets?

The Max Class Ticket allows a player to choose any class in the game and that character will have level 255/120, and all stats will be 255. Donated Max Class characters cannot participate in WoE and some PvP. Price: 5,000 points.

The Max Level Ticket allows a player to choose from any class in the game and the character will have a level of 255/120. It acts as if the player leveled normally and you get the stat points accordingly. With this, you can choose which stats to put points on instead of every stat having 255 like the other ticket. This item is more costly as it can be used in WoE and PvP. Price: 7,000 points.

What do the premium items do/look like?

There are a few good guides of premium item images dispersed through the guides section of the different servers on the forums.

What items should I buy?

There are a couple guides or more on suggestions of what to purchase to make a good character. You can find the guides mixed up in the guides subforum. Remember, these are suggestions from other players; they are by no means guarantees on anything. It's up to YOU to make a truly good character.

My friend doesn't want his/her Premium items anymore. Can you trade them to my account?

At this time we are currently not doing account-to-account donation transfers.

Hey, why can't we trade premium items anyway? We paid for them!

Once upon a time, premium items were tradeable. However, as the server population went up, so did the scams. People were scammed out of their premium items and Syphon heard the brunt of it. Players wanted reimbursed for items they were scammed out of, getting angry because they couldn't get items back they paid for. So now that isn't an option. Items are bound to the account.

I don't want my premium items anymore. Can I trade it for something else?

Yes, any premium item except for bulk items (Bloody Branch, Yggdrasil Berry, Bubble Gum, Field Manual etc), can be traded in for the points you paid for them. But, there is only a certain time frame when you can do it. You may only trade your premium items in within three days of purchase. This does not include items purchased with Limited Points

I chose the wrong item! What do I do?

Unfortunately you will need to do an exchange mentioned above. Make sure that you do it within the three days of purchase, or else you won't be able to trade it in forever!

What GMs can handle donation problems?

You can find a list of GMs here. Please use the GM Assistant NPC in Prontera (for Loki or Tyr) or Morroc (for Eir) to contact these GMs.

I didn't get my points/premium items. What do I do?

Don't panic. This is what you need to do to ensure your points or premium items get to you.

   * First, obtain a copy of your receipt (if it was through PayPal, then your receipt will be in your e-mail inbox. If it's not there, check your junk mail box). I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your receipts for everything purchased online. Make a separate folder to keep them in. You never know when you may need them later. Screenshot your receipt or keep it handy in case you may need to forward it. If possible (or if needed), screenshot your bank statement, highlighting your purchase, but feel free to black out the important parts.
   * Second, register at support.RevivalRO.com and submit a ticket detailing the following information: Account name, how many points you purchased, what method you used, a date and time of purchase, and attach a copy of your receipt. Doing this as soon as possible will get your problem solved much faster.
   * Third, patiently wait until you receive a response. Your problem may not be solved overnight.

You may also wish to sign up at the GM Assistant NPC in your respective city. This is the best method I can ensure you in obtaining your items. Best of luck to you.

I just deleted my premium item. How do I get it back?

Deleted items will NOT be reimbursed. This is a player error and will not be compensated for. PLEASE make sure you take everything off of a character before you delete it.

I got scammed! Can I get my items back?

Every time you log onto RO, you get that big green message that says to NEVER give out your password. This also applies to downloading keyloggers, leaving your computer online and going to the bathroom while your brother strips your account, etc. More than likely you will not receive your items back. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ACCOUNT INFO.

How do I send points to someone?

Premium points are now tradeable and vendable! Keep in mind that limited points are bound to account and not tradeable.

What options do I have to obtain points to get premium items?

There are now a few different options available to everyone to get his or her items!

   * Purchase through PayPal using a credit card, debit card, bank account, or gift card.
   * Payment through mail (please read the question on mail payments before doing this)
   * Purchase through completing an offer of varying degrees, found on the TrialPay option.

What is TrialPay? What does it do?

TrialPay is a new system we're offering, allowing users to sign up for offers to obtain points. The requirements to obtain the points for each offer are explained in the offer details. Many offers require you to input valid contact information or successfully register for a service. Once you have successfully completed the offer, you will obtain your points. Please be aware that this may not always be instant. Give it at least 3 days to complete. If, after that time, your points have not been awarded, please contact TrialPay's customer service at [email protected]

How does the pay by mobile work?

Currently we are not offering pay by mobile. Please check back in the future to see if we will offer it again.

I mailed my payment, why haven't I received my points?

It is strongly suggested against using the mail to buy your points. Mail can get lost, misdirected, or stolen. This is why it is especially important not to send cash in the mail. Use a money order if at all possible, purchased at most convenience stores or gas stations. Also, if you're mailing outside of the Netherlands (from the US, for example), sending mail internationally isn't as simple as sticking a stamp on the envelope and sending it on its way. You must visit a post office and pay international postage to mail it. Once you do mail it, it can take anywhere from a week to a few weeks for the points to show up in your account. Please refer to the bottom of this FAQ and the agreement as to your liability in sending money through the post.

What types of cards does PayPal accept?

PayPal itself accepts several different cards. However, for Rebirth it is only sent to accept American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. No other type of card is accepted at this time.

My card keeps getting rejected by PayPal. What's the deal?

Contrary to popular belief, the GMs nor Syphon have any control over what PayPal will or will not accept. PayPal is a separate website apart from RebirthRagnarok and in no way shape or form can any of Rebirth's GM team force PayPal to accept your credit/debit card. It is up to you to contact your bank to see if they can do a manual transaction or to check to see if your funds are sufficient or if you have a limit on your card to prevent online shopping (this does exist). If it is out of the bank's hands, please do not hesitate to contact PayPal's customer service at www.paypal.com . They will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, several people have had success using an All-Access Visa Gift Card, obtainable at some grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or anywhere gift cards may be sold.

How do I use a gift card to buy points?

The only gift cards that will work are MasterCard and Visa. Please make sure your gift card can be used for international purchases. It will indicate this on the card (or be absent, if it doesn't say something like "Only valid in the US" then you can use it internationally more than likely. Once you obtain your card, go to the website provided on the back of the card or on the booklet that came with the card. This is where you register your card so that you can use it for online purchases. Once you register the card, you may proceed to use it to buy your points.

I got banned for PayPal fraud, but I didn't do anything! Help!

Unfortunately, some people legitimately try to cheat the system. They do what is called a charge back. A charge back is when you pay for the points, receive the points, but then get your money back from PayPal, which means you didn't actually pay for the points at all. This counts as fraud and will be punished with a permanent ban. Any and all associated accounts on the same IP will also be banned. Any accounts traded with in that time period will also be banned. This is to prevent the points from getting out of range of the ban. If you didn't commit PayPal fraud, or don't know why you're banned, please submit a ticket to [email protected] and provide receipts (a screenshot of your bank statement reflecting the processed funds going through is ideal, and will be kept private), your account name, and any other information you think may help your case (did you have any problems with the payment? Did you contact PayPal? Did you pay the funds back? etc.). Please allow up to 10 days for a response.

Where can I find a good conversion calculator for the currency I use?

Doing a simple Google search will pull up many, many calculators, but the one I use is: www.xe.com/ucc/ .

How much is a euro?

Please see the above question.

How much is a credit/point?

1 credit = 100 points 1 credit = 1 euro. For conversions, please see above. 100 points = 1 euro

What is the difference between limited points and premium points?

Premium points are points that are bought and not used. They can be traded, vended, dropped and used on any premium item purchase or exchange. Limited points are points gained from exchanging a premium item into the NPC. They can only be used to buy another premium item and cannot be traded, vended, or dropped.

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