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Eden Group (Loki)


The Eden Group is an ostensibly 'secret' organization which offers players a variety of quests in return for experience and exclusive equipment. Taking part in the Eden Group quests, while optional, is extremely beneficial. Early on, the quests help you explore the world, and level up much more quickly; at higher levels, the repeatable experience quests allow far quicker leveling. Eden group provides an alternative method for leveling while getting oneself familiarized with custom elements of Loki server.


  • To access the Eden Group Headquarters, Proceed to North part of Morroc, you shall find the headquarters loacted towards the east of Kafra employee (190,256).
  • Alternatively, Eden Group could be accessed through Warpra. Speak to any warpra and Eden group warp can be found underneath "Towns".

Once inside, Speak to Administrator Angie (28,35), To begin your Eden group adventure.

Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards is a system sponsored by Eden Group, for each day you log in you will receive a little thank you reward for playing; you don't have to do anything else! For each consecutive day you log in until day 31, your reward tier will increase. If the player fails to log in for consecutive days, the rewards counter is set to Day 0 and one would have to log in consecutively to gain higher tier rewards.

Type @reward to know the rewards eligibility and time you are required to be logged on. In addition, This will also be displayed in your chat log on logging in.

Following are the the rewards eligible to be claimed, if consecutively logged in for 2 hours each day :

Day 1: Old Purple Box x5 Day 2: Battle Manual x1 Day 3: RDC Tags x1 Day 4: Bubblegum x1 Day 5: Job Manual 50 x1 Day 6: Bloody Branch x1 Day 7: Convex Mirror x1
Day 8: Old Red Box x1 Day 9: Old Card Album x5 Day 10: Bloody Branch x3 Day 11: RDC Tags x1 Day 12: Magic Card Album x1 Day 13: Convex Mirror x1 Day 14: +5 SRT x1
Day 15: Bloody Branch x5 Day 16: Bubblegum x2 Day 17: Old Card Album x10 Day 18: Investment Ticket x5 Day 19: +6 SRT x1 Day 20: Magic Card Album x2 Day 21: Bloody Branch x10
Day 22: RDC Tags x2 Day 23: +7 SRT x1 Day 24: Cursed Old Box x1 Day 25: State of the Art Weapon Box x1 Day 26: State of the Art Armour Box x1 Day 27: +8 SRT x1 Day 28: Investment Ticket x10
Day 29: +9 SRT x1 Day 30: Magic Card Album x5 Day 31: Cursed Old Chest x1

Mission Boards

Eden Group's mission boards located in first floor of the headquarters, provide a fast and easy way to get EXP while playing. Missions are Eden Group's initiative to get new adventurers into top ranks of adventuring! By offering Experience and Buffs to those who show dedication Eden group's goal. They help bring new ranks into their fold, as well as decrease the population of certain pests that plague their efforts.

Mission Boards are available for those between the levels of 100 and 199 and are designed to help you level. Starting at level 100, you will gain access to the first Mission Board, which displays a number of mobs at or around your level for you to kill. Every 20 levels, you will progress to the next Mission Board. After you complete the mission, you will gain bonus EXP based on which mob you decided to kill. There are two mission types: Auto-Renewal or Turn In.

  • Auto-Renewal : You have the option when picking up a Mission for the first time to either have it auto-renew or not. If you have a mission auto-renew, this means you have less monsters to kill - Hence, you get less experience - but you do not need to return to Eden HQ when the mission is complete.
  • Turn-in : Alternatively, you can have missions not auto-renew, so there are more monsters to kill - so you can get more experience - but you need to return to Eden HQ when the mission is complete to get the reward.

Misson Type Kill Count Reward Experience
Auto-renew 25 25% of all exp gained from 25 mobs
Turn-in 100 50 times exp of one mob

*Mission Cancel : At any point during the quest, you can return to the mission board to cancel the mission and choose a new one. However, Any progress on the active mission will be lost when you choose a new one.

*Buffs on completion : Players on completion of Mission get a specific amount of reward based on the Mob and type of mission. In addition, Players also receive a buff of Increased ATK, Increased MATK, Blessing, Increase agi, Kyrie elieson and Kaizel.

Following monsters have been deemed suitable at respective levels by Eden group. Players need to exterminate the appropriate count of monster kills allocated to them to curb their population explosion.

Levels 100-119

Monster Name Base Exp Job Exp
Anubis 2,800,000 2,200,000
Alicel 898,000 542,000
Aliot 1,302,000 400,600
Aliza 658,300 340,000
Skogul 2,762,000 1,000
Frus 2,062,000 1,000
Agav 978,000 662,200
Echio 1,356,000 430,000
Snowier 588,200 269,900
Ice Titan 1,387,200 792,800

Levels 120-139

Monster Name Base Exp Job Exp
Skeggiold 9,110,000 1,000
Skeggiold 9,992,000 1,000
Imp 2,520,000 1,107,700
Zombie Slaughter 1,200,000 850,000
Banshee 1,700,000 1,200,000
Centipede 2,739,700 1,598,200
Hillslion 2,076,000 1,211,200
Bradium Golem 1,400,000 1,892,000

Levels 140-159

Monster Name Base Exp Job Exp
Observation 3,987,200 3,312,000
Shelter 2,901,000 2,511,000
Retribution 2,833,200 3,312,000
Acidus 2,804,300 802,300
Acidus 1,439,200 420,300
Necromancer 4,500,000 3,500,000

Levels 160-179

Monster Name Base Exp Job Exp
Salamander 7,200,000 5,500,000
Kasa 4,900,000 3,800,000
Incarnation of Morroc 6,100,000 14,000,000
Incarnation of Morroc 6,500,000 12,000,000
Incarnation of Morroc 5,000,000 8,000,000
Incarnation of Morroc 5,100,000 7,000,000
Cornus 3,085,400 442,700
Cornus 3,036,000 1,634,800

Levels 180-199

Monster Name Base Exp Job Exp
Seyren 10,000,000 11,646,000
Eremes 10,000,000 9,980,000
Harword 10,000,000 11,254,000
Magaleta 10,000,000 11,780,000
Shecil 10,000,000 11,826,000
Katrinn 10,000,000 11,647,000