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Dyna Wing Sprite List

Not all wings have images yet. These will be added shortly, but for the time being, you can use the item's wiki page to view the wings.


The following contains images of what sprites you can copy using a Dyna Wing Headgear. For information about what Dynas are and what they do, see the Dynas page. You can change the sprite using the following Names or IDs:

ID Name Image
5297 Soul Wing
5357 Wings of Victory (0)
5592 Sigrun's Wings
41537 White Garuda Wings
41538 Black Garuda Wings
42030 Red Demon Wings
43002 Scarlet Angel Wings
43005 Emperor Wings
43008 Little Devil Wings
45002 Demon Wings
45003 Phoenix Wings
45007 Dark Butterfly Wings
45009 Angel Wings
45012 Artic Wings
45014 Demon Wings v2
45019 Angel Wings V2
45024 Butterfly Wings
45025 White Butterfly Wings
45040 Blue Butterfly Wings
45041 Yellow Butterfly Wings
45042 Green Butterfly Wings
50000 Black Fairy Wings
50001 Black Butterfly Wings
50006 Pink Fairy Wings
50008 Gray Fairy Wings
50009 Judgement Wings
50011 Pink Butterfly Wings
50012 Pink Oracle Wings
50015 Purified Wings
50018 Yellow Oracle Wings
51533 Ice Wing
51534 Ice Wing (Black)
51535 Ice Wing (Green)
51536 Ice Wing (Red)
51537 Ice Wing (Yellow)
51563 Golden Wing
51573 Blue fairy Wing
51574 Gold Fairy Wing
51575 Green Fairy Wing
51576 Orange Fairy Wing
51577 Purple Fairy Wing
51578 Red Fairy Wing
51579 Silver Fairy Wing
51580 White Fairy Wing
51581 Yellow Fairy Wing
52219 Pecopeco Wing
52220 Fairy Wing1
52271 Large Angelwing (Blue)
52272 Medium Angelwing (Blue)
52273 Small Angelwing (Blue)
52274 Large Angelwing (Red)
52275 Medium Angelwing (Red)
52276 Small Angelwing (Red)
52277 Large Angelwing (White)
52278 Medium Angelwing (White)
52279 Small Angelwing (White)
52310 Titan Wing
52315 Mini Butterflywing (Blue)
52316 Mini Butterflywing (Green)
52317 Mini Butterflywing (Pink)
52318 Mini Butterflywing (Purple)
52319 Mini Butterflywing (White)
52722 Wings of Victory (3)
52744 Imp Wings
41038 Avian Wings (White)
41041 Avian Wings (Black)
52166 Bee Wings
52269 White Clear Butterfly Wing (4)


1: This item name won't work. It will give you the incorrect sprite, so use the ID# to copy the sprite of this item.