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Bandit Beard Quest


Ever dreamed of getting a beard? Are you frustrated that no matter how you try, you just cannot grow one?

Well, cry no more! The Bearded Man of Umbala is offering wishful adventurers the gift of manhood! All you have to do is to do some manly tasks for him and you are on your way to look manly.


  • Warp to Umbala. Head east, down the stairs and speak to the Bearded Man (Located at 126, 129).
  • Tell him you want a beard and he'll ask you to get some thread first from his friend in Izlude and bring some other items to make the beard.
  • Warp to Izlude. Head west and enter the Swordsman Association Building (Located at 52, 168).
  • Enter the room to the right and speak to the Master Tailor (Located at 123, 175). He will tell you the address of where he gets his shipments from.
  • Warp to Aldebaran and head to the Kafra Headquarters (Located at 59, 221). Inside, head to the east room. Speak to the Kafra Clerk (Located at 70, 179). She will explain that she has not received any thread. She explains how her shipments have been attacked by monsters recently and asks you to go to Alberta.
  • Warp to Alberta and head West. Walk to the western / center of the map, and speak to the Man (Located at 65, 123).
  • He will explain how his shipments keep getting attacked by bugs and asks if you are there to help him. Choose to help him and he will summon 10 Thief Bug Males for you to fight. Kill them all and he will reward you with a Thread.
    Note: The thread isn't an actual item, so it will not appear in your inventory.
  • After you received the thread from the Man, warp back to Umbala. After bringing all the other required ingredients, the old man will take them and reward you with a Bandit Beard.

Required Items


Complete this quest and you will receive a Bandit Beard.




  • This quest is not repeatable. You can only do it once per character.