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A Wild Rose


You have helped the Little Girl find her lost kittens. You are such a hero! Because you've been so helpful, the Little Girl asks you for a second favour.


NOTE: You will need to have completed the Lost Kittens quest before you can do this one.

  • Warp to Prontera (@go 0).
  • Walk straight east and find the Little Girl.
  • Talk to the Little Girl (Located at 255 215). She will ask you to help her deliver a kitten to her friend, Mr.X, who is in Geffen (select "Take the kitten").
  • Warp to Geffen and walk out the west gate. Mr.X is located across the bridge, in the northwestern part of the map, at 116 267. He will tell you he cannot take the kitten and to bring it to his friend Jared (select "Sure, no problem!").
  • Jared is in the southwest corner of Geffen, at 76 77. He will thank you for your trouble and tell you he will make you a Wild Rose Hat as a token of friendship. Bring him the items to get the hat.

Required Items



Complete this quest and you will receive a Wild Rose Hat