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2014 Christmas Event


Every year Saint Nekolas and his Neko Elves have been making toys for the good children of the world to be delivered on Nyanmas Day. This year was supposed to be no different.... but alas, while en route to transferring all the wrapped and packaged presents from their factory to the sleigh. The group was ambushed by The Grinch.

The Grinch and his cohort of little Grinchlings has snatched up every last present made for the good children of Nyanmas and run off to various field maps around Midgard.

Saint Nekolas needs you help to bring back their presents in time for Nyanmas Eve.



  • Speak to Saint Nekolas in Lutie(location 151 120).
  • Nekolas will ask for your help to gather presents according to the color they need for today by killing the Grinchlings found all over the fields of the three kingdoms.
  • Go to any field map of RevivalRO (These do not include Dungeon or Town Maps) and kill the Grinchling that spawn for one of the five colored "Gift Boxes". There are 10 Christmas Goblins for each map and they respawn between 10 seconds to 1 minute after being killed.
  • After collecting the required amount of presents, return to Saint Nekolas and he will reward you with Goodie Bag or Infinite Santa Bag and a random amount of Nyanmas Points.
MVP Event
  • There is also a Random MVP event in Lutie where you get to battle The Grinch. The will be a global announcement if and when he will appear so players can prepare. Player who receives MVP status during the event will get a certain number of all color presents (proposed was 10) and each player currently on Lutie when The Grinch dies will get a random 1 or 2 pieces of either 1 or 2 types color present box .


  • "Grinchlings" (Christmas Goblins) are scattered throughout the various field maps of Midgard. Killing them will drop one of the gift boxes.
  • There are a total of 5 different colored boxes :
    • Yellow Gift Box
    • Orange Gift Box
    • Red Gift Box
    • White Gift Box
    • Blue Gift Box
  • You may only do Saint Nekolas' quest once per day.
  • Extra Nyanmas Points are obtainable by handing in spare Gift Boxes.
    • Go to Santa's House (location Lutie 149 236) and look for Jolly (location xmas_in 93 98) to exchange your spare Gift Boxes.
    • Each Event Gift Box exchanged to Jolly will reward you with 1 Nyanmas Points (regardless of color)
  • You can exchange your Nyanmas Points AND two past Christmas Event Headgears with Holly in Santa's House for additional items.
  • Field maps with no "_fld" in it's map name do not have the Event Monsters. example:- Mjolnir_06


Completion of Nekolas' Quest
Holly's Nyanmas Point Exchange

Note: Nyanmas Items are previous christmas event headgears and Santa's Infinite Bag.
Note 2: You can mix the 2 headgears, but you cannot mix 1 headgear and 1 Santa's Infinited Bag. So it's either 2 same/different headgears, or 2 Santa's infinite bag.

Warning: Headgears traded into Holly will be consumed.