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Hyrulian Hood Quest

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Nayru, a pretty attractive fairy, has learned from previous generation the art of textile. While in search of valuable material in the Payon Woods (pay_fild08), she left without her Navi, and became lost. She is only willing to help those with a fairy companion, and will gladly offer her textile services for those who bring certain materials.

  • Note: You must be wearing The Pink/Blue Navi Costumes OR Ljosalfar Costume, or else she will not bother talking to you.


Steps to follow:

  • Warp to Payon and exit the city to the South-East.
  • Head near the Centre and find Nayru (Located at 129,101).
  • Bring her the required items to make the Hyrulian Hood.


Required Items:


Complete this quest to receive a Hyrulian Hood